A modern faculty of social sciences characterized by creativity and excellence in learning methods and scientific research. An educational experience adhering to the highest quality standards in academia and social responsibility.


We create a distinguished academic environment that provides knowledge, skills and encourages critical thinking. Empowering our graduates with competitive skills and knowledge that suits the job market. World-class scientific research in a liberal academic environment enhanced by effective social partnerships.

Strategic Objectives

  • Equipping our students with the necessary skills for the job market
  • Building a positive personality for our students through enhancing their mental and interactive abilities
  • Encouraging the use of the most modern learning methodologies 
  • Achieving high quality institutional governance through effective management, transparency and integrity
  • Supporting scientific research that adheres to international standards of sustainable social responsibility
  • Constant development of the creativity and innovation process involved in learning, research and student activities
  • Providing and academic environment that encourages social responsibility and volunteerism.
  • Encouraging student involvement in social issues and challenges 
  • Funding the college through research projects of the staff 

Governing Values

  • Excellence: putting up a distinct courses worldwide scientific and social terms.
  • Transparency: clear strategic plan applied dimensions up to level of education, learning and research production.
  • Leadership: achieving scientific and research reputation good to college through faculty performance scientifically and research on local, national and global level.
  • Professionalism: the institutional action plan clear and specific performance indicators that integrate university colleges and universities in Egypt and Arabic.
  • Self-development: work on the student's personal development consistent with community and mature personality traits, and capable of taking responsibility.
  • Integration: cooperation with civil society institutions and the private sector to achieve the practical aspects.
  • Quality: high quality programs in accordance with international standards to enhance graduate-level.
  • Fidelity: faith in the idea of developing teaching and learning process and scientific research.
  • Partnership: a fruitful collaboration with similar programs, Arab and Egyptian globally through reciprocal agreements.
  • Social responsibility: commitment to study the issues of Egyptian society and diagnose diseases of society and asking for ways to address the negatives of communitarian illiteracy, poverty and justice.