Advanced Basic Sciences

Hassan El Desouky


Dean of Advanced Basic Sciences Field

Dr Hassan El-Dessouky is a Research Professor of Materials Science at University of Sheffield UK and Professor of Materials Physics at Mansoura University Egypt since 2013. Professor El-Dessouky received his BSc, MSc, PhD degrees in Physics from Mansoura University in Egypt followed by 15 years working experience in UK. In 2005, he worked for University of Leeds UK from 2005 to 2012 as a Senior Research Fellow then worked for University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre from 2013 to Oct 2020. He established a research centre called dry fibre facility centre for preforming and ultralight thermoplastics research activities for composites manufacturing applications at University of Sheffield AMRC with Boeing. He led the dry fibre centre from 2013 to 2020. He has around 25-year experience in multidisciplinary research aspects in the field of Composites Science and Technology include Optics, Fibres, Polymers, Textiles and Nanocomposites. He published 60 scientific papers in high quality journals and international conferences. He has professional memberships with the American Fibre Society, SAMPE and British Composites Society. Professor El-Dessouky supervised 8 MSc and 4 PhD students.

Mona Mostafa Mohamed


Molecular Biotechnology Program Director

Professor Mona Mostafa Mohamed is Professor of Cell and Cancer Biology, Founder and Director of the Cancer Biology Research Laboratory (CBRL), Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Egypt .

Upon completion of her doctorate at Cairo University, Dr. Mohamed was competitively selected for a prestigious Postdoctoral Avon-AACRInternational Scholar Award in breast cancer research (2005-2007). During her postdoctoral Dr. Mohamed published a “Nature” paper in 2006 which made her the first woman at Cairo University to publish in Nature. Dr. Mohamed Nature paper in 2006 increased Cairo University ranking to be included in the top 500 Universities all over the world .
In 2008 Dr. Mohamed was awarded a start up fund from Avon foundation, USA to establish the first specific breast cancer biology research lab in Egypt. Dr. Mohamed is interested in studying the biology of metastatic breast cancer, with special focus on inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), which is the most aggressive form of breast cancer with unidentified reasons. Dr. Mohamed published more than 40 papers in high impact peer review journals. Because of Dr. Mohamed scientific achievements, in 2012, she was selected by U.S. State Department to be inducted into the Women in Science Hall of Fame and in 2014, she received Arab Women Organization Prize in Science and Technology.


Hamdy Eldesouky


Petroleum and Mining Geology Program Director

Professor Hamdy  El Desouky is Secretary of the Petroleum and Mineral Resources Council. He’s a member of the National Committee for Geological Sciences at the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT),  Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research .Dr Desouky is an expert in Economic Geology, Ore Geology and Mineral Resource Exploration. He has an international reputation for excellent scientific research and a proven track record of success in industry consultancy and collaboration. Dr Desouky has a strong scientific relationships and collaborations with several international pioneer researchers in state-of-the art research labs, especially in the European Universities.

Samir H. Saker

Professor and  coordinator of Mathematics

Advanced Basic Science

Professor Saker received his Ph. D. from Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland in 2002. After that, he received four postdoctoral fellowships from Greece, USA, Canada and Turkey, where he is one of the recipients of a Fulbright scholarship. He was Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University before joining GU. Professor Saker published and participated in the publication of more than 280 research papers published in international scientific journals in the field of mathematics and its applications in various sciences. He also co-authored three books on mathematics and its applications in various sciences and published in the world's largest publishers (Springer), and two other books on differential, difference and dynamic equations and published in Germany. In recognition of his outstanding and distinguished scientific production, Professor Saker has received many prestigious scientific awards such as: Khalifa Award, Mansoura University Awards of Excellence, The privilege of the first class from the president of Egypt, Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Young Arab Scientists, Mathematics, National State Prize, State Incentive Award in Mathematics, Mohamed Amin Lotfy Award on Basic Science (Mathematical Science)

Hamdy H. Hassan


Advanced Basic Sciences field

Professor Hassan is a chemistry professor at basic sciences field in Galala university. He received his BSC, MSc from Ain Shams University ASU. He also got his PhD from a joint supervision program between ASU and LEI du CNRS , France. Prof Hassan is the head of physical chemistry division ,faculty of science ASU . He’s also an adjunct professor T university of science and technology ,Zewail university. Prof Hassan was the director of photoenergy center ,faculty of science ASU . He’s also a referee in STDF, the Egyptian universities promotion committees , the Egyptian council of the research center and institutes ( CRCI) and in many scientific journals . Prof Hassan has a total number of 54 publications in internationally respected journals . His name has been included in the list released in 2020 by the US-based Stanford University of the world’s Top 2% of the most cited scientists in various disciplines based on data from Scopus that ranks journals and gives. Citation index.

Radwa Hassan Abou Saleh

Associate Professor

Nanoscience and Technology Program Director

Associate Professor Abou Saleh got both her BSC and MSC from Mansours University. she’s got her PHD from University of Leeds ,UK.  Dr. Abou-saleh has been working in the nanoscience research field for more than 15 years, she is a member of the British society of nanomedicine, and biophysical society and a reviewer in many international journals. Beside research, Dr Abou-Saleh has teaching experience in bio-nanotechnology, physics and biophysics courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Dr Abou Saleh is the co-author of 26 peer reviewed journal publications in high impact factor journal such as nature. Professor Radwa published a patent on a new protocol for producing therapeutic microbubbles.

Magdi A. El-Sayed


Molecular Biotechnology Program

Dr. Magdi A. El-Sayed is Professor of plant Physiology at Aswan University and currently he joined Faculty of Advanced Basic Sciences at Galala University. He received his BSc (Botany), MSc (Plant Ecology) from Aswan Faculty of Science and PhD degree from Division of Pharamcognosy at Leiden University, The Netherlands in 2004. He has research experience in several topics in plant sciences including Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Desert Plant Ecology, Plant-microbe interactions and Phytochemistry. He was a visiting research fellow at Yamaguchi University, Japan 2006-2008 and JSPS Fellow in the same university 2008-2010. He also visited his Yamaguchi University research group several times as a visiting professor 2014, 2015-2016. He published over 60 papers in reputed international peer-review journals and one Book chapter. He had a Japanese patent resulted from his work as a JSPS fellow.  His job career started as a demonstrator until promotion to full Professor, Head of Botany Department (Acting) then Vice dean of Faculty of Science, Aswan University. 

Tarek Salem 

Assistant Professor

Organic Chemistry

Professor Salem holds a Phd in polymer chemistry: ” Plasma-based surface modifications of polyester fabrics and their interaction with cationic polyelectrolytes and anionic dyes”- from Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany. Prof Salem is an associate professor in National research centre.He was also  a guest scientist in Leibniz Institute for polymer research (IPF), Dresden, Germany. In addition to his continuous research , he has a number of 21 publications in both national & international journals. In 2016, he published a book about  “PET Fabrics, Plasma Pre-Treated Poly-DADMAC Containing: Modification and Surface Activity”.

Ahmed Ibrahim 

Assistant Professor

Nanoscience and Technology Program

A  member of the American Chemical Society (ACS), Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) and Electrochemical Society (ECS), with a PhD degree in  science  molecular electronics, from Osaka University, Japan. After getting his degree , he was appointed as a Faculty Fellow in the Department of Chemistry. His interests are focused on supramolecular chemistry on nanocarbons, carbon nanotubes and/or graphite research, self-assembly of nanostructures on solid surfaces, fabrication of nanoscale devices that employ the selfordering properties of molecules and scanning probing microscopic (SPM) measurements .Moreover, Dr. Ahmed currently serves as a peer reviewer for some scientific journals i.e. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (ACS Publications)& ACS Applied Nano Materials (ACS Publications).

Ahmed Abdelsadik Mohammed

Associate Professor

Molecular Biotechnology Program

Professor Ahmed Abdelsadik was the executive manager of Aswan University Media Center .He was also vice dean of Education and Students affairs , faculty of Nursing , Aswan University. Prof Abdelsadik He has wide experience in protein expression and purification, SDS-PAGE, western blotting, IP & Immunological studies in animals such as fruit fly, Rats and Cell lines and he’s also familiar with web-based interfaces for genomics analysis. 

Ahmed El-Hussein Elnewishy 

Associate Professor 

Molecular Biotechnology Program

Member of Professional Societies: OSA, SPIE, ALC, The Egyptian society of experimental biology and The Egyptian syndicate of scientific professions. Professor El-Newishy was awarded both Cairo University’s best Ph.D. thesis prize (2011) and Encouragement prize in biological Science. Prior to joining Galala University, Prof El-Newishy had different roles as follows; Research Scientist & visiting lecturer at Harvard Medical School, Visiting Postdoc researcher at Oxford University, University of Johannesburg and Friedrich Schiller University Jena in Germany.


Adel Abdullah Surour


Geology Program

Author of a text book and 4 chapters in a recent book series by Springer.Professor Adel was awarded the State Prize.Professor Surour won the “ Encouraging “ prize in Geology and prize for best research articles 10 times from the Egyptian Geological and Mineralogical Societies. As well as a variety of international research journals with impact factors in geology. He got his Ph.d in Mineralogy and Ore Geology from Cairo University/ETH-Zürich.

Hamada Elsayed Ali 

Lecturer of Plant Ecology

Prof. Hamada Elsayed Ali was a Lecturer of Plant Ecology at Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt. In 2015, he got a Ph.D. degree from the University of Bayreuth, Germany, in the field of Functional Plant Ecology. Before that, he completed his MSc degree in Ecology at Suez Canal University. From 2010 to 2011, he got the prestigious International Climate Protection