Engineering Sciences

Ahmed El Sabbagh 

Dean of Engineering field

Prof . El Sabbagh is a Professor of Materials Engineering in Ain Shams University with 26 years of experience in the academic as well as the industrial fields. He occupied several managerial and technical positions both nationally and internationally. Since 2016, he joined the executive committees in the Supreme Council of Universities concerned with the development of the Higher Education System in Egypt. Prof El Sabbagh’s experience lies in the planning for the establishment of new non-profit universities, curricula development on the engineering sector level besides laboratories establishment in the Egyptian public higher education institutes (academic and vocational education) throughout international joint partnerships and agreements. He coordinated the annual evaluation process of the fifty-five engineering institutes in Egypt according to the ministerial decree in order to define the proper capacity of these institutes regarding personal and materialistic capabilities. Prof El Sabbagh directed the Egyptian – Chinese Luban training envoy for localizing vocational engineering training in Ain Shams University including the renovation of the production engineering workshops in the faculty. Over 10 years intercultural exposure to the European academic work environment, he provided a profound experience in coordinating, analyzing and solving problems of Egyptian academics abroad. Prof El Sabbagh managed  more than10  European and German funded joint projects between technical universities and German SMEs. On the academic level, his research outcomes are well documented with more than forty-two peer reviewed publications, three books, twenty oral presentations in international conferences, twelve supervised bachelor, master and doctor theses.


Mohamed Soliman

Associate Professor

Materials & Manufacturing Engineering Program Director

Associate Professor Dr.-Ing. Mohamed Soliman has long years of professional experience in the field of "research and development of the metallic materials" and the teaching experience in the subject-areas of "materials science” and “manufacturing technologies". In his current position as a senior researcher and lecturer since 2010 at the Institute of Metallurgy – Clausthal University of Technology, he has been intensively involved in the development and investigation of different types of metallic materials, especially the advanced high strength steels, ductile irons and Al-SiC particle-reinforced metal matrix composites. The focus of these investigations was on the development of new alloying concepts and process optimization. In this field, he has 48 international publications, being the first and corresponding author in 33 of them. He supervised 12 research projects and took on the responsibility for junior researchers, who worked on these projects. 

In the course of the above-mentioned activities, he acquired extensive experience in the application of the deformation dilatometers, whose maintenance and repair were part of his field of activities. In addition to dilatometry, he also used thermodynamic calculations using ThermoCalc and MatCalc to design new metallic materials and understand their metallurgical behavior. He attained also comprehensive knowledge in the field of characterization of metal structures using LM, SEM, XRD and TEM. The mechanical characterization and the laboratory failure analysis were also of his tasks.  

Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Hassan Awad

Associate Professor

Mechatronics & Industrial Automation Program Director

Mohammed Ibrahim Awad is the program director of Mechatronics & Industrial Automation Program at Faculty of Engineering, Galala University. He granted his PhD in 2012 from University of Leeds in UK. His research interest is in the area of Mechatronic systems design, robotics, control systems design, automation, digital manufacturing, smart composite structures, autonomous systems, pneumatic and Hydraulic systems, and Biomechatronics. His research activities focus on applying mechatronic system design approaches in the areas of industrial, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, and energy. He is currently the principal investigator (PI) of two projects. The first project aims to develop robotic glove equipped with smart and intelligent features to help in assistive and rehabilitation of post-stroke patients. The second project aims to establish a multidiscipline research lab involves researchers from engineering and medical backgrounds to design and develop integrated solutions to support and rehabilitate people with disabilities, special needs and motor impairment and translate these solutions into medical practice. He is also CO-PI for a project that aims to use robotics and artificial intelligence for non-destructive assembly of electronic wastes.

Afaf El Oufy


Material & Manufacturing Engineering Program

Professor Al-Oufy holds a PhD in Materials Science & Engineering College, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA. she is the Founder of the 1st Textile Industry Forum, Faculty of Engineering,Alexandria University, 7-8 December 2019, in addition to being the chairman of the Textile Engineering department, Alex University and her latetest academic position was being the deputy director, Graphene Center of Excellence, E-JUST.

Professor  Al-Oufy directs the field of nanotechnology and nanomaterials in medical and technical applications. She has diverse publications in advanced materials
such as graphene & CNTs, smart & medical textiles, green composites, energy harvesting, conductive nanocomposites & green composites.