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Galala University (GU) is established to be the first-ever smart-university on the Egyptian territory, adhering to the “Fourth Generation Universities” worldwide, which put Scientific Research, Local and International Jobs Requirements, and Hands-on Experience at the core of its learning strategy. Students take advantage of the latest technology, facilities, and top-notch academic and administrative staff members. All staff members work collectively to provide an outstanding learning experience to GU’s maximum capacity of 25,000 local and international students. The University is divided into fifteen promising fields, comprising more than 60 distinct programs.

The University’s unique geographic location in Galala city, 700 meters above sea level, inspires students’ talent and imagination and provides an enjoyable learning experience. Galala City is one of the most magnificent touristic attractions because of its distinctive climate. Its temperature is 10 degrees less than the other neighboring areas. The city welcomes different nationalities every year. Its extensive facilities include a Water Sports City, Mountain Hotel, and Cable Car.

GU seeks to be a leading educational institution across the MENA Region, fostering continuous research methodologies and active learning for our students. The University aims at maintaining a competitive advantage in managing the quality system of education, research, knowledge, and community service, while encouraging students to acquire essential skills and expertise to meet the local, regional and international labor market needs through the provision of distinguished academic and professional programs.

The student is the most important person on the GU campus. The University recognizes that in addition to our students’ academic pursuits, they get their characters shaped, choose their future path, and thus need our support.

GU prepares current students to be future leaders; capable of acquiring a competitive advantage, easing access to various job opportunities on the local and international level. Students can engage in multiple internship opportunities at numerous offices at the University or through our private sector partners. GU students join various students activities, to further develop their character and enhance their creative spirit, communication, and social skills.

The University organizes several on-site field trips to expose students to actual field exposure and get hands-on experience for their future potential careers with GU. The primary goal is to enhance the educational objectives of courses. Students wear face masks and use sanitizers for their safety on all trips.

Moreover, the University provides its students with fully serviced accommodation rooms for males and females at very reasonable prices, equipped with free WI-FIinternet access, a kitchenette, and a private bathroom. GU male and female students stay in single rooms to ensure applying all Covid-19 precautionary measures. As the University also cares about its community of staff members and students’ comfort, it provides a transportation service through neighborhoods all over Cairo and Giza. Buses run on set schedules throughout the day, five days a week.


Our mission is to build a welcoming, inspiring and stimulating academic environment which acts as a development hub for the community and enriches wider society through the quality of its graduates and the impact of its research.


An internationally recognized and excellent innovative learning and research community committed to making the world a better place.

Strategic Goals

Primary Goals

  • To create an excellent, sustainable academic and non-academic experience for our students.
  • To enhance the life chances of our graduates through our outcomes-based curriculum and our partnerships with employers.
  • To develop an inclusive and impactful research culture.
  • To develop effective partnership networks at local, regional and international levels.
  • To establish Galala University in the regional and global Rankings for Young Universities.

Enabling Goals

  • To achieve our student recruitment and retention targets.
  • To maintain the financial sustainability of the university.
  • To develop and implement an effective and efficient marketing and communications operation.
  • To create an effective faculty and staff development program.
  • To build a SMART University on a SMART campus.

Core Values

  • We are committed to maximizing the life chances of our students.
  • We are ambitious and future oriented. We seek to be ahead of the curve in all areas of our activities.
  • We are socially responsible. We are committed to the city and region in which we are based.
  • We strive for a sustainable environment. We lead by example and seek to contribute to solving the environmental problems facing our communities.
  • We are Creativity in teaching, research and consultancy is core to our thinking.
  • We believe in diversity and equality. We recognize that our differences make us stronger and we foster inclusion and mutual respect in all our endeavors.
  • We are collaborative and action- oriented in our approach to advancing sustainable development. We value our network of local, regional and international partners.

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