Radwa Abou Saleh

Radwa Abou Saleh
Associate Professor
Nanoscience & Technology Program Director


Biophysicist with great ambition toward applying nanotechnology to the field of novel drug delivery routes, encapsulation, formulation, characterization and optimization, to solve real life-threatening diseases using personalized therapy. Highly experienced experimentalist with expertise in biophysical techniques. Spent more than 20 years of research and teaching as a soft-matter biophysicist. She is a member of the British society of nanomedicine, and biophysical society and a reviewer in many international journals. Research outputs 26 papers, in high quality journals including Nature communication, Lab on a chip, Blood, Langmuir, Colloids and interfaces, Biophysical Journal and soft matter, with 586 citations and h-index 11, and a published patent on a new protocol of producing therapeutic microbubbles as a new protocol for drug delivery toward cancers. Successfully worked as part of multidisciplinary teams, including medicine, engineering and biology, leading the Physics-biotechnology element of ambitious projects.

Beside research, Dr Abou-Saleh has teaching experience in bio-nanotechnology, physics and biophysics courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students.


  • PhD degree: “Nanoscale structural and mechanical characterization of fibrin polymerisation”, (University of Leeds, UK, 2005-2009, viva date: 14/07/09)
  • Master’s degree: “Studies on the biological effects of magnetic field”, (Mansoura university, Egypt, 2000-2003)
  • B.Sc. Biophysics group, department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Egypt. 1998

Area of Research

  • Nanoscience
  • Atomic force microscope
  • Nanomedicine
  • Drug delivery
  • Drug encapsulation


  • Member of Biophysical Society 2014-2017 ID: 70480.
  • Member of British Society of Nanomedicine ID: S450
  • Reviewer in: Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and medicine, Langmuir, Textile research, Micro Machines, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Nanoparticle Research, Ultrasound in medicine and Biology, ACS Biomaterial.
  • Member of the organizing Committee of the annual International microbubble symposium, duties such as selecting invited speakers, discussions toward sponsorships, general organization, and chairing sessions.
  • Chairing and organizing two series of cross faculty monthly meetings (2017-present) Nanotechnology and drug delivery group meeting and Microbubble grant meeting. This includes speakers’ invitations and selections.
  • Invited Speaker in UK-India photo responsive surfaces and Nanoparticles for application in health care, 2015.
  • Organizing AFM workshop at Nanotechnology center, Mansoura university, Egypt, 2016
  • Supervising and mentoring BSc, MSc, and PhD students, since 2011 until now, this includes designing research projects, planning experiments and day-to-day supervision.
  • lead to application for Newton-Mosharafa funding. I was also the leader of a project between University of Leeds and PhD student at British University in Egypt, to undertake research on Oxygen Nanobubbles for drug delivery.
  • Treasurer and Scientific programmer organizer with Leeds Egyptian society, funded by the Egyptian Embassy, 2006-2010. Organizing a series of scientific seminars for the general audience, and organizing social activities.
  • Governor at Farnley Academy, which included acting as a scientific advisor, 2014-2016

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