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Accounting & Finance Program

Program Overview

The Accounting and Finance program at GU is ideal for anyone aiming for a career in this field. This program will provide you with essential financial and management accounting skills, as well as a strong, broad, and practical knowledge of the world of finance. The program's overall aim is to enable students to acquire the skills relating to key inter-connected disciplines applicable to a range of commercial and non-commercial sectors. By the end of the program, students should have developed a range of transferable skills that will assist them throughout the careers they choose. 

Our Accounting and Finance program is closely in line with professional practice. It will challenge you academically through practical applications and case studies. In addition, it will set you up for future roles within Accounting and Finance.

Both Accounting and Finance are essential cogs in the larger Business and Economics machine. But what sets them apart?

Accounting has a narrower focus when compared to Finance. Accounting is all about creating and storing financial records. These records can belong to private companies, individual people, government or state agencies, and so on.

Some main tasks of accountants are:

  • Ensure all financial transactions are processed correctly.
  • Keep account balances up-to-date.
  • Verify and guarantee the accuracy of financial statements.
  • Follow the latest accounting policies, regulations, and changes.

Meanwhile, Finance deals with financial systems and the management of money and investments. Finance involves working with banking institutions, transaction policies, investment funds, credits, and so on.

Some main tasks of financial experts are:

  • ensure the client (company, individual, government) has enough funding for their objectives.
  • oversee the optimal distribution of funds.
  • manage capital (funding) and avoid potential risks.

Degree Requirements

University Requirement: 20 Credit Hours.

General Field Requirement: 66 Credit Hours.

General Specialty Requirement: 48 Credit Hours.

Total: 134 Credit Hours.

Learning Outcomes

Your degree in Accounting and Finance at GU will provide you with greater knowledge and understanding of this subject area.

By the end of your studies, you will be able to:

  • Acquire knowledge and apply Accounting and Finance theory.
  • Explain and apply international accounting standards.
  • Critically evaluate financial statement information.
  • Evaluate and compare different investments.

Potential Career Opportunities

Since Accounting, Business, and Finance are so intimately tied, an accounting & finance major can be much more flexible than most students realize. Thus offering you various job opportunities:     

  • Financial Analyst
    Financial Analysts examine an organization’s financial data by analyzing past financial and investment data, as well as estimating future revenues and expenditures. They can provide guidance to businesses and help them making investment decisions.
  • Senior Tax Accountant
    Tax accountants prepare tax returns for individuals, businesses, or other organizations.
  • Accountant
    Accountants prepare, maintain, and examine the accuracy of financial statements for an organization. They are also responsible for identifying and resolving any discrepancies in records, statements, or documented transactions.
  • Auditor
    Internal auditors and audit managers identify financial and business risks and assess compliance with government regulations.
  • Credit Analyst
    These professionals review and analyze financial information from sources such as reporting services, credit bureaus, and bank branches to evaluate the profitability of loan requests and approve or deny loan applications.
  • Budget Analyst
    Budget analysts help companies organize their finances, prepare budget reports, and monitor institutional spending.
  • Personal Financial Advisor
    Financial advisors  help their clients understand their finances and make personal investment decisions.

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