Acting Vice President of Galala University discusses ways of cooperation with the UNESCO organization

Prof.Dr. Mohamed El-Shenawi, Acting Vice President of Galala University for International Relations, Community Service and Environment Development, discussed with Dr. Ghada Abd El Bari, Prof. at the Faculty of  Pharmacy, Cairo University, and The Secretary-General of the Egyptian National Committee for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO-ALEXO-ISESCO) ways of cooperation between the university and the national committee. During the periodic meeting of the International Relations Committee at Galala University, the discussion took place, which included a video conference with Dr. Ghada. 

During the meeting, Dr. Ghada Abd El Bari presented the national committee’s origin and history for education science and culture “UNESCO” and the development of the national committees’ services and their legislative organization and essential programs. UNESCO contacts the bodies and individuals concerned with education, science, and cultural affairs, introduces their activities, encourages and supports the efforts made by these bodies and individuals to promote the committee and organizations’ goals, in line with the Egyptian national goals. The two parties also discussed various ways for the university to join UNESCO, such as the UNI TWIN, CHAIR, UNESCO CLUB. 

She praised the academic fields and programs available at Galala University and offered for the first time on the campus of the Egyptian university, such as the Artificial Intelligence Program, Prosthetic & Orthotic Devices Program, and Nanoscience & Technology program. These unique programs will open the way for cooperation between UNESCO and the university in Scientific Research, Technology, Science & Innovation. 

Prof. Dr. Shenawi also expressed his happiness towards  the beginning of this  long term cooperation, saying, “This is an excellent opportunity to create cooperation with UNESCO, especially that all academic fields and programs at Galala University  reflect the interests and fields of the organization’s work, which focus on Education, Natural Sciences and Technology, Social Sciences, Culture, Communication, and Information.”  

At the end of the meeting, the two parties agreed to start activating joint areas of cooperation in the preparation and implementation of international and regional programs in manners consistent with the university objectives and to prepare means of communication for the Egyptian national committee for education, science, and Culture (UNESCO-ALEXO-ISESCO) and its various committees to participate in the organization and preparing conferences and seminars and visits and scholarships and a project that these organization fund or co-fund.

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