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Covid-19 Awareness

GU has organized several awareness sessions for GU students about the fatal COVID-19 pandemic. It also has several precautionary measures on campus and obliges students to wear their face masks and use hand sanitizers regularly.

GU Students Self Expression

Galala University encourages its students to have a balanced student life academically and at the same time, enhancing their talents


Field Trips

All GU’s Deans, Vice Deans, and Faculty Members agree on the importance of field trips in providing GU’s comprehensive educational experience. GU organizes Several on-site field trips, with the primary purpose to expose them to actual field exposure and have hands-on experience for their future potential careers with GU. The primary purpose is to enhance the educational objectives of courses. Field Trips’ Supervisors always urge the students to wear face masks and use sanitizers for their safety.


Sports Facilities

GU is surrounded by affluent green areas, which provide a healthy environment and an appropriate atmosphere to practice physical fitness. Since we recognize the importance of sports for leading a healthy life and maintaining a physical balance, the University focuses on developing sporting excellence and active participation in various sports events and competitions.

We provide outstanding opportunities for students to develop their sports interests and abilities by involving them in diverse activities based on their preferences. Diverse Sports Facilities
• Soccer Court
• Volleyball Court
• Hand Ball Court
• Outdoor Track and Field
• Ping-Pong Tables
• Tennis Court

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