Al Galala University opens the door to early submission for the new academic year 2021/2022

Galala University is one of the new national universities in the charming city of Al Galala, which rises above sea level by about 700 meters and accommodates 25,000 students after completing all stages of operation.

Galala University has fifteen fields of study offering more than 65 distinguished programs. The university’s fields of study range from Health Care, including Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Nursing. In addition to Engineering fields, which include Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Engineering. The academic fields include Media Production, Humanities, Social and Administrative Sciences. Finally, Applied Health Science Technology, Basic Science and Computer Science.

The university provides all the necessary protective supplies to sterilize the committees and disinfect them before and after the exams. The freshman students were housed in the university housing after it was wholly sterilized, with strict rules that student gatherings are not allowed.

In order to give everyone the right to education and equal opportunities in a competitive environment, the university holds admission tests to measure a set of skills, abilities, and areas of knowledge, including a specialized test in the field the student applies to, critical thinking test, and English language test. The university is currently concluding agreements, scientific partnerships, and academic seminars with foreign universities and institutions in various fields of study. The university is also in the process of agreeing with Hiroshima University, Japan, where fifteen faculty members from Hiroshima University will get invited to teach at Galala university. An agreement is also underway with Arizona State University, which makes Galala university a beacon of local, international, and regional scientific research and innovation, given the fourth generation of the educational process of technology and a future boom.

The Early Application itself is of great importance and benefit, as it is announced before the expected date of submissions, to provide students with the opportunity to take specialized tests in the fields to which the student wishes to apply. It allows them to have the advantage of admission at Galala University when opening the admission door on the official website. The university has identified the following links for those wishing to apply early to study for the New Year: /  to know the requirements of different secondary certificates /  to know the available study programs  (Early Application Form for the new academic year)

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