Animation Movies Program

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Animation Movies Program

Animation Movies Program

Program Overview

Being a fan of animation? Dreaming about fantasy worlds and colorful characters? If so, 2D and 3D animation are what you need to do in life.

GU offers this unique program with the best facilities found in Egypt!
Many people fell in love with animated features when they were children and carried that love throughout their adult lives. Today, animation has found many new venues, including video games, educational systems, and self-published movies. Some would like to turn their love of animation into a career.

Animation begins with a simple drawing on a piece of paper, adding movement and motion with just slight variations. If you can animate in that medium, there are no boundaries to your creative potential.

Animation involves creating film through traditional or digital means and animation using the latest computer animation technology. Some of the most popular examples of film and animation techniques can be seen in animated features such as Happy Feet Two, Paddington, and The SpongeBob Movie.

You can see examples of animators' work everywhere, including: the animated icons on your phone, the visual effects on the latest feature film, and the interactive worlds and characters on games consoles.

Program Requirements

University Requirements: 20 Credit Hours

General Field Requirements: (6-11) Credit Hours

General Specialty Requirements: (109-125) Credit Hours

Total: (140-144) = 142 Credit Hours + 9 Training Credit Hours

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will possess the following learning outcomes:

  • 2D and 3D animation design.
  • Video games design.
  • Advanced digital arts specialized and oriented to be used in animation and interactive drawings.
  • Various computer programs and software’s specialized in animation.
  • Principals and techniques of 2D/3D animation.
  • Directing short films of various kinds.
  • Sound design.
  • History of General Art.
  • Specific History of Art.

Potential Career Opportunities

Animation graduates have the same career opportunities as animators and filmmakers. In order to bring animation to the silver screen, there are many tasks that must be completed by animation professionals. A few job possibilities are:

  • Web animator.
  • Character designer.
  • Computer generated special effects artist.
  • Background artist.
  • Storyboard artist.
  • Animator.
  • 3D animator, 2D animator.
  • Scriptwriter.
  • Producer.
  • Director.
  • Digital artist.
  • Documentary filmmaker.

Study Plan

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