Assem El Sedfy

Assem El-Sedfy


Assem Bakry El-Sedfy, is a Professor of Physics at Basic Sciences, and on temporary leave as a Professor of Physics-Solid State Electronics since 2013, Faculty of Science, Ain-Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. He graduated in1980 with honor B. Sc. in Physics Major, 1986 M. Sc. in Electronics and Ph. D. in Solid State Electronics 1992 conducted at NREL-USA. Between 2006 and 2008, Professor El-Sedfy was a visiting scholar in University of Muenchen-Germany as funded by the European Union.

Actively participating in successful development of a handheld microdosimeter useable in different working environments. He is participating in research and development as leading postgraduate supervision in the field of radiation detection and shielding. Professor El-Sedfy, have several technical publications (28 publications in high ranked journals with a Scopus H-index 8 & Google Scholar H-index 10, conference papers, review chapters. He is a peer reviewer for several International journals, and Ph.D. external examiner in Egypt and KSA.

Besides his scientific activities, Professor El-Sedfy is contributing in the academic duties for students as a coordinator for the “Quality & Accreditation”, coordinator for the “Credit Hour System” program and member of the curriculum committee of the Physics Department, faculty of science, Ain-Shams University.

Currently he is leading CERN- Ain-Shams collaboration grid project in the field of radiation detection and high energy physics. Professor El-Sedfy, served in many reputable institutes in the Arab region, lately Head of the Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Ha’il University in K.S.A, and Vice Dean for Quality & Development, Faculty of Science, Ha’il University.


  • B. Sc. in Physics Major 1980
  • M. Sc. in Electronics 1986
  • Ph. D. in Solid State Electronics 1992 conducted at NREL-USA.


Area of Research

  • Material Science


  • Supervised number of 10 M.Sc. Thesis
  • Supervised number of 2 Ph.D Thesis


  • Starting Sept. 2016, Administrator for the Faculty of Science Web Site, Ain-Shams University.
  • Starting Sept. 2015, Administrator for the HIS Computer Network at the Medical Research Institute, Alexandria University.
  • Starting Oct. 2012, Member of the “University Scientific Committee” Ha’il University, Saudi Arabia.
  • Starting Oct. 2011, System Administrator for the Faculty Web site, Ha’il University, Saudi Arabia.
  • Member of the Evaluation committee for evaluating School students’ projects and inventions.
  • Starting March 2006, Administrator for the Computer Network at the Faculty of Arts, Ain-Shams University.
  • Starting Starting Sept. 2003, member of the management committee of the Computer Center, Al Azhar University. Technical consultant.
  • Starting Sept. 2002, High Institute for Management and Computer, Domiat, Egypt. Vice Dean for Student Affairs.
  • Jan. 1995, The Computer Network, Physics Dept. Ain-Shams University. Technical consultant.
  • Starting Nov. 1994, “University Information Network”, Ain-Shams University. Maintenance consultant.
  • Starting Oct. 1994, “Scientific Computing Center”, Ain-Shams University. Technical consultant.

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