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Business Administration program

Program Overview

Why Should You  Study Business Administration? 

Business plays an integral part in the development and economy of any country. Businesses are responsible for providing jobs, goods, and services needed by the people in a country, hence the increasing need for more businesses in any nation.  For businesses to grow and expand very well, there is a need to manage business affairs; How the profits are made, give financial advice, oversee the day-to-day use of funds, and bring in more investments.

The Business Administration Program at GU helps learners to become internal consultants and a drive for change by understanding and appreciating the importance of globalization and information technology in business.Business Administration is a career field that focuses on planning, analyzing, managing, and organizing various business activities. It is a broad study that covers other fields such as Accounting, Finance and Marketing. Business Administration graduates get to have different job roles, and as a result, their job description differs regarding the organization or different business establishments they work with.

Degree Requirements

University Requirement: 20 Credit Hours.

General Field Requirement: 66 Credit Hours.

General Specialty Requirement: 48 Credit Hours.

Total: 134 Credit Hours.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of your degree, you should be able to:

  • Examine the role of competitive advantage in business environments using strategic and operational methods. 
  • Design effective solutions by diagnosing organizational problems.
  • Evaluate the legal, social, political, and economic environments of business.
  • Create a strategic business plan.
  • Analyze financial information and other business data to ensure effective managerial decision-making

Potential Career Opportunities

While the following positions are only a sample of the possible careers a student with a business administration degree may pursue, they demonstrate the numerous industries and organizational roles available in the business field. Graduates of this program can choose different career paths :

  • Sales Manager
    A sales manager oversees a company’s sales team and is ultimately responsible for revenue production within an organization. Responsibilities typically include setting sales goals, analyzing sales data, and creating sales representatives’ sales training programs.
  • Business Consultant
    Business consultants also referred to as management consultants; help companies propose ways to improve their efficiency. They advise managers on how to make an organization more profitable through reduced costs and increased revenue. 
  • Financial Analyst
    Financial analysts gather data , run financial models, and make financial recommendations. They develop a solid understanding of a particular business, industry, or sector, and they deliver presentations that communicate their investment opinions.
  • Market Research Analyst
    A market research analyst helps a company understand who their customers are, what products they should be selling, and how they can successfully promote those products. Market research analysts often design surveys, train and supervise interviewers who conduct the surveys. They then analyze the research and report the results to management.
  • Human Resources (HR) Specialist
    While human resources specialists’ primary function is to recruit, screen, interview, and hire employees, most human resources specialists are trained in all HR functions. Therefore they frequently handle other human resources work, such as employee relations, compensation, benefits, and training. These daily tasks could include processing payroll and administering benefits.
  • Additional Career Paths
    Employment of business and financial operations occupations is on the rise. In addition to the occupations featured above. Graduates may also pursue  the following jobs with this degree:
    – Logistician.
    – Real Estate Broker.
    – Buyer or Purchasing Agent.
    – Compensation and Benefits Analyst.

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