About the EKTS Center

Electronic, knowledge, & Training Services Center


Providing integrated and advanced electronic, knowledge and training services to serve the community locally and internationally with modern technologies and international academic standards.


Providing electronic, knowledge and training services through different programs and activities that match the vision of the state 2030 and the vision of Galala University, where these services are characterized by stability and modernity, with openness to the corresponding centers and all higher education institutions locally, regionally and internationally.


  • Providing the necessary information, statistical data and reports to support the university’s education and scientific research system.
  • Integration with the relevant institutions in the state with an emphasis on cooperation with the corresponding centers at local and international levels.
  • Developing the university's information technology strategy and overseeing its implementation.
  • Providing advanced and integrated electronic services to various groups inside the university and outside it.
  • Follow-up and evaluation of the services provided by the various units of the center, in accordance with the accepted quality standards.
  • Creating a strong information infrastructure linked to the relevant institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education and that are equivalent with the rest of the universities and civil society to consolidate the link and cooperation with them.
  • Providing an administrative and research infrastructure for researchers (information network and digital library).
  • Providing opportunities for communication and cooperation with Arab and international bodies for higher education and scientific research.
  • Holding training courses, seminars and participating in conferences in various fields based on the actual needs of all sectors and scientific research in accordance with the programs decided by the Center’s Board of Directors.
  • Linking all the applied studies and research carried out by the center with the state’s general policy and the 2030 vision and the plans necessary to maintain and develop human resources and follow up their implementation in coordination with the local administrative authorities.
  • implementing some experimental projects in various fields to keep pace with the modern scientific changes.

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