Non-Degree Program

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What is a non-degree program?

  • This program is for Undergraduate students who wish to get a degree from the university and want to enroll in a specific area for a semester or more to add to their home university degree or satisfy their academic interests.

Conditions for Enrollment

  1. Undergraduate students applying from other accredited universities and have completed a year or more in their home university may be accepted for the undergraduate non-degree program with a minimum of 2.00 GPA at the end of the previous semester, before their intended semester at Galala University.
  2. The students who will apply as a non-degree student for a semester or more use a different application process separated from the Galala University students’ applications at the time of admissions and can apply all over the academic year for Fall, Spring, or Summer Semesters.
  3. Non-degree applicants must complete the online application and submit a transcript of their home university, and the admissions application is non-refundable. The Admissions Committee may request more supporting documents.

Applying After Accepted as Undergraduate

Any student who applied and got accepted to the university as an undergraduate student may select a Non-Degree program to move to another university, highlighting it as essential due to their circumstances. Students may fill out a new application form as a Non-Degree applicant after dropping the undergraduate program and pay a fee for the non-degree admissions application. It will be allowed only before classes and during the first two weeks of the semester.

Admission Committee for Non-Degree and Visiting Students

  • Admissions and Enrollment for the Non-Degree and Visiting Students are submitted by the Admissions and Registration office to the Admission Committee to evaluate and accept different cases based on the university Academic Rules and Regulations. If exceptional cases require the university’s action, the cases will be sent to the VP for Academic Affairs for further recommendation.

Academic Advising

  • Non-Degree students follow advising, a week before the beginning of classes, to get the Academic Advising of the program offering the courses. They will be attending the classes after evaluating their cases based on the courses’ level, the prerequisites, and the capacity of the enrollment number of any class. They must meet all the requirements and standards for the level of the intended courses of their plan.

Registration of Courses

  • The non-degree registration process may be for Full/Part-time enrollment, and it is available at the time of registration during the undergraduate process. Enrollment in some specific core courses in the university is decided based on the eligibility of the student’s status and the availability of space and course capacity—the Priority for registration in any course; always given to GU students in the program.  Specific Academic Programs may have restrictions and disallow non-degree or visiting students to register.

Academic Regulations for the Non-Degree or Visiting Student

The Non-Degree and Visiting students seek credits to get transferred to their home university; accordingly, not all the Academic Regulations apply. They will be concerned about the regulation of grading assessment, attendance, exam timetable, incomplete grades, and probation. The academic load would be subject to petition if it exceeded the university allowed load.

Grading the Courses for Non-Degree or Visiting Students

  • Non-degree credits are calculated the same as GU’s degree program credits, about the registration credits, attempted credits, quality hours, grades, points, and GPA, which will get mentioned in the non-degree Galala University transcript.
  • Courses taken as a non-degree program cannot be calculated in the academic degree when switching again after the first matriculation to the undergraduate program unless it satisfies the degree requirements. When students apply to the degree program, courses and grades will not appear on his/her degree transcripts unless the program committee can consider the non-degree courses and grades to move to the degree program. A maximum of 30 undergraduate credit hours should get fulfilled, while a non-degree program may be accepted with the approval of the director of the program.

Academic Integrity Policy

Galala University expects all its students – degree and non-degree – to keep a high standard of conduct inside and outside the GU campus. All-Academic Integrity Policies for the undergraduate students apply on both; the non-degree and visiting students.

The Cost of Tuition Fees for Non-Degree/Visiting Students

The tuition fees allign with the program providing the courses and the student enrollment status as a Full/Part-time registration for the year of admission to the program.

The university may have a special tuition fee rate for the students, based on an agreement or collaboration with other universities. Non-Degree students must meet all the deadlines of payment, same as GU’s undergraduate students.

Period Allowed for Enrollment in Non-Degree Program or Visiting Students

Non-Degree students may be allowed to stay at Galala University for 24 months, with a maximum of 4 semesters Academic Calendar.


The university offers academic transcripts to the non-degree or visiting students who completed their non-degree period as a free copy to be received or sent to their home university upon the student’s request. No transcripts will be given during the final exams or before the deadline of posting grades. Being unable to meet the financial requirements will prevent students from receiving their transcripts or reviewing their final grades.

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