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Galala University welcomes a delegation from Knowledge Hub University, Co-host for the British Coventry University branch in Cairo, to discuss cooperation methods

Acting Vice President of Galala University discusses ways of cooperation with the UNESCO organization

Galala University discusses cooperation with Kyushu University

Galala University announces the start of the admission’s exams for the second semester

Training Programs for Administrative and Academic Cadres at Galala University

Galala University announces new online courses to its students

Galala University launches Educational Quality and Students’ Activity strategy

Winner of “The Arabic Book Review Contest”

«Immigration» organizes a visit to the child Maysara Maqlid, winner of the “Person of the year” in Austria, to Galala City

“Your Health is from Egypt’s Health” on GU Campus

GU collaborated with the “100 Million Healthy Lives” initiative to detect most common diseases and advocate for #earlydetection of #BreastCancer and other diseases. The campaign’s #medical #committee and representatives of the “Egyptian Women’s Health is Egypt’s Health” #initiative have been present throughout the week, on GU campus, conducting medical checkups Read More…

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