Galala university’s participation in EduGate fair

Monday, 9th August, 2021

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Haider Ghaleb: A large turnout of students of equivalent certificates applied to the first stage of admission in the Egyptian State Universities.

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Haider Ghaleb, Acting President of Galala University, confirmed that the first phase of admission of the new State Universities for the new academic year 2021-2022, which results were announced during the past hours, witnessed a large turnout of students of Arab and foreign equivalent certificates, indicating that students of equivalent certificates who missed the chance to take their admission tests will have the opportunity to take the tests along with Thanaweya Amma students next Wednesday.

It's worth mentioning that Galala University participated in the Ninth International Education Forum “EDUGATE", where Prof. Dr. Ashraf Haider Ghaleb pointed out that the State Universities are distinguished by their diverse programs in various disciplines to serve the educational process and the needs of the labor market, noting that Galala University comprises 31 diverse programs out of 66 programs targeting nearly 20,000 students.

He also added that GU is in the process of finalizing a partnership with Arizona State University, pointing out that this agreement is not just a cooperation agreement, but rather an agreement where the students of Galala University are granted a dual degree from the two universities, stressing that the signing of such agreements qualifies GU to compete among the universities of the world. He stated that these international agreements implement the vision of the Egyptian political leadership to establish State Universities in order to prepare a graduate that is capable of competing in both the regional and international labor market.

Furthermore, hundreds of high school students and students of equivalent certificates got the chance to discuss with Dr. Ashraf Haider Ghaleb the details of enrollment in Galala University, the admission systems, programs, and the international partnerships that were signed with major universities in the world such as, Hiroshima University of Japan and Arizona State University. He also introduced the unique fields and programs offered by State Universities, especially Galala University, in various disciplines.

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