Food Industries


The aim of this program is to attract outstanding students and qualify them to work in the fields of research, food technology nutrition, health and all other related fields; while supporting talented and creative students in different fields, and working to refine their skills.


Food technology program

In this program, students studying the techniques and theories underlying the manufacturing of various food products and packaging & conservation technologies.

Graduates will get the opportunity to work as assistant researchers or technicians in different departments in Egyptian and foreign Universities, research centers and institutes. They can also work in the ministry of industry and trade, Food Safety Authority, hotels and aviation food services.

Dairy technology program

Students get to study the scientific processes of manufacturing of dairy products and the latest technologies of conservation and packaging.

Other than the numerous possible academic paths, graduates can work in food, dairy and agricultural processing factories & companies.

Human nutrition program

Students in this program study the relationship between food and life activities. They learn about the development of nutrition programs, planning meals and therapeutic diets to foster the prevention of diseases and help in improving the health and well-being of community members.

Graduates can work in the Ministry of Environment, Food Safety Authority, food services in public and private hospitals, health and physical fitness centers, catering, food and beverage services and food consultation centers.

Quality Control & Food safety Program

Students in this program study the basics of food structure, microbial growth, and how they are interrelated. Also, this program discusses how microorganisms can affect functional foods production and how they can cause food poisoning and infections.

This program qualifies graduates to acquire to work in food quality control and test food safety. Graduates can work in food and dairy factories, Food Safety Authority, Laboratories for chemical and microbial analysis of food.

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