Galala University announces the start of the admission’s exams for the second semester

Galala University would like to announce that it has started holding the admission's examinations for Spring 2021 applicants, who have submitted their application documents on the ' 'university's official website.

The university has taken all necessary measures to receive students by preparing five examination halls with a total number of 80 devices and taking all precautionary measures against Covid-19. Each student will take the tests on the assigned date, starting from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm, where all students should be present starting 9:00 am. The examinations will include a test in the field in which the student is applying, a critical thinking test and an English proficiency language test.

The Official study language at Galala University is the English language, whereas there are regulations for each program to ensure the student's fluency of the English language; therefore, textbooks, exercises, and exams are all in English. The study is conducted through three semesters; the first is the fall semester. It starts on Saturday of the third week of September, lasting for 15 weeks of teaching, followed by three weeks of examinations, and courses are registered within three weeks before the start of the semester, in addition to the second major semester. The Spring semester then starts in February and lasts for 15 weeks, followed by three weeks of exams. Courses are registered within one week before the beginning of the semester. Finally, the summer semester, which begins in late June or early July, lasting for seven weeks, followed by one week of exams. Courses are registered within a week before the beginning of the semester.

On the other hand, the university awards scholarships to 10% of the accepted students annually, under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Galala University is one of the most  leading state universities, established after years of planning, hard work, and perseverance, to provide a comprehensive educational system, as per the international standards on the Egyptian territory. The university applies a high-quality educational system with an integrated approach to academic research, theoretical and practical education, and meets the requirements of the local and international labor markets, making it one of the best educational institutions for local and international students.

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