Galala University launches Educational Quality and Students’ Activity strategy

Galala University is keen to provide all means to develop students' skills, both theoretical and practical, and to qualify them to be future leaders able to join the labor market competitively. To achieve this, the university administration is currently taking serious steps towards modernizing and developing its infrastructure and academic and research programs, adopting them internationally, and reaching an effective and efficient administrative system capable of keeping pace with technological changes, supporting student initiatives and activities within different academic fields, and linking them to the needs of society in all its institutions.

Since its establishment, the university administration has developed a long-term strategy towards providing an educational process for its students, which combines academic excellence and the part that is as important as education, namely, building the personality of the students, through the organization of many cultural and artistic activities, which in turn gives the field for continuous interaction between the students and the university administration at all levels

Since the online learning system's activation, the university has developed an alternative to on-campus activities by organizing numerous online competitions. Among these competitions was the" Novel Analysis" competition, which was held on the International Arabic Language Day celebration. The first-year student in the field of Dentistry, Azza Ahmed Fatah Al-Bab, won the award for the best novel analysis of “The Forty Rules of Love," in addition to the “Photography Competition" for all GU students, Ahmed El Sayed, Khaled Esmail, and Abadeer Sobhi from the fields of Dentistry, Nursing, and Art, and Design won first place, second and third respectively.

The current student activities strategy of Al Galala University aims to provide opportunities for all students to participate in various competitions and activities, which meet the interests of students of both genders.

In the coming period, the university will seek to form a wide range of positive programs, that promote the achievement of specific goals in order to develop the student's personality, develop his abilities, occupy his free time, qualify him for the job market after graduation, as well as enrich the literary, scientific, cultural, and artistic awareness. 

On the other hand, due to receiving many inquiries and applications from all students, who were unable to catch up with the first phase, the university recently announced the extension of the period of application at the university for the second semester until 31 January 2021, so that all those wishing to apply can complete all the required papers before the announced date. 


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