Galala University Participates in the Eighth Round of EDUGATE Fair

Galala University will be one of the EDUGATE FAIR's participants, held from 9 to 11 March 2021, as one of the leading state universities. The University has been established, after years of planning, hard work, and persistence, to provide a comprehensive education system based on the latest international standards on the Egyptian territory. 

The University's premises is located in Suez Governorate, with a maximum capacity of 25,000 students. The University is equipped with an educational hospital, students' dorms, and top-notch faculty members; the University also provides transportation to students and staff members. 

The University applies a high-quality education system with an integrated curriculum for academic research, theoretical and practical education, which meets local and international labor markets' requirements. Those combined help position it to be one of the best educational institutions for local and international students.

The English Language is the  Official Language for studies at the University. The regulations of each academic program determine a way to ensure that the student is fluent in English. Textbooks, exercises, and exams are all in English. The academic study period is divided into three semesters: the first in Autumn. It starts on The Saturday of the third week of September, where it lasts for 15 weeks of teaching followed by three weeks of exams. Students register for the courses within three weeks before the beginning of the semester. The second main semester (Spring) starts in February and lasts for 15 weeks, followed by three weeks of exams. Students register for the courses within one week before the beginning of the semester. Finally, the Summer semester, which starts in late June or early July, lasts for seven weeks, followed by one week of exams. Students register for the courses within a week before the beginning of the semester.

The campus accommodates buildings for fifteen fields, offering more than 65 distinct programs. Fourteen fields began operating this year, divided into 29 programs in various areas, including Medicine, Media Production, Physical Therapy, Social and Human Sciences, Administrative Sciences, Advanced Basic Sciences, Pharmacy, Engineering Sciences, Architecture, Art, and Design, Applied Health Sciences Technology, Dentistry, Nursing Sciences and finally Computer Science Engineering.

Last week, the University began conducting exams for the first semester of the 2020/2021 (Fall 2020) academic year while applying strict precautionary measures to counter the COVID-19

Dr. Ashraf Haidar Ghaleb, Acting President of Galala University, stated that the capacity had been reduced in all examination halls. Social distancing procedures have been applied by distributing students on separate days and periods, as there is no more than one group at one time. He also stressed that he follows-up daily to the regularity of all examinations' halls to provide total care to students, wishing them success and success. 


On the other side, Dr. Tarek Abu Al-Maaty, Acting Vice President of the University for Academic Affairs, highlighted that the University provided all necessary preventive requirements to sterilize all entrances and examination halls before and after the exams. Students have also been accommodated once again in the University's dorms after being sterilized completely, with no gatherings are allowed. 

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