Galala University welcomes a young Egyptian genius who holds a doctorate at 22 years old

Galala University has welcomed Dr. Omar Mohsen, a researcher in Mathematics at the University of Münsterer, Germany, and on a mission to teach in the Basic Sciences’ field at Galala University. Dr. Omar is the youngest Egyptian to hold a Ph.D. from France from the University of Paris Diderot at 22 years old

This academic visit has been arranged under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Ashraf Haider Ghaleb, Acting President of Galala University; Prof. Dr. Tariq Abou Elmaaty; Acting Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Shenawi; Acting Vice-President for International Affairs; Community Service, and Environmental Development.

Prof.Dr. Mohamed El-Shenawi and Prof. Dr. Hassan al-Dessouky, Dean of the Basic Sciences Field at the university, welcomed Dr. Omar, while teaching the Mathematics curriculum to the Biotechnology, Petroleum Geology and Mining Program’s students. 

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Shenawi said that the university opens its doors to all immigrant minds, especially young Egyptians who have proven their success and excellence abroad, to participate in building a new educational system of its kind in the state universities.

 Dr. Omar Mohsen expressed his pleasure in joining the faculty members of the university. He thanked its management for welcoming young researchers abroad, to utilize their experiences and give them the chance to enhance the educational process at the university.

 Prof. Dr. Hassan El Dessouky, Dean of the Basic Sciences’ field at Galala University, expressed his happiness at the joining of Dr. Omar Mohsen as the youngest faculty member at the age of 25 in the faculty family in the field of Basic Sciences. He also stressed his keenness to continue cooperation with all young people in all fields inside and outside Egypt.

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