General Requirements


Bachelor's degree Requirements

  • To obtain a degree, the student must complete the credit hours successfully in a program as per the conditions stipulated when receiving a cumulative rate of at least 2.00 upon graduation.
  • The student must succeed in all courses that have (0) credit hours in his program.
  • The graduation project is an essential part of graduation requirements in some programs. The graduation project could be finalized over two consecutive semesters, according to the program's requirements, and the student will not graduate unless the project's success requirements get fulfilled. The student must have successfully passed a specified number of credit hours to register for the graduation project. If the project is divided into two semesters, the student must study them according to their arrangement.
  • The student must conduct field training during his studies and for the specified period if it is one of the requirements for obtaining a degree in the program.
  • The student can study several courses at another university, with a cooperation agreement with the university on credit hours transfer. It requires prior approval from the university. The hours approved for these courses get included in the student's graduation requirements, as long as the number of credit hours approved for these courses does not exceed half the number of hours needed to obtain the degree in the program.

Field Training (If needed)

The student must conduct field training under the article set out in the program regulations in an industrial or service facility related to the student program. The training must be under the full supervision of the concerned department. It is also possible to conduct in-university training in a similar environment. Training must abide by the following rules:

    • The academic guide appointed by the program's steering committee oversees the follow-up to field training.
    • the contact person of the company providing the training must be specified
    • The student must submit a report to his academic advisor at the end of the training period.
    • The company that trains the student should provide the academic advisor with a form to evaluate the student's training at the end of the training period.
    • Field training gets distributed on an equal duration at the end of the first, second, and third levels (which can also be at the fourth level during the semester)
    • Field training is evaluated on a Pass / Fail basis and does not fall into the cumulative rate calculation.
    • The student must pay the fees for supervising field training equivalent to the fee of two credit hours, if applicable, and each academic year during which the student gets trained.

Dismissal or Academic Probation

  • The student receives an academic warning if his GPA in any major semester is less than 2.00.
  • The student is dismissed from the university, on obtaining a semester GPA of less than00 in six consecutive semesters, except for the summer semesters. If the student's GPA exceeds 2.00 in any semester, including the summer, the number of consecutive academic warnings gets recalculated.
  • The student is dismissed from the study if he does not meet the graduation requirements during the maximum study period, which is limited to twice the program's years of study.
  • A student who gets dismissed because he cannot raise the GPA to at least 2.00 will have an additional and final opportunity to register for two consecutive significant semesters and the summer semester to raise his GPA rate to at least 2.00 and achieve graduation requirements. The student must have completed at least 80% of the total number of hours required for graduation, and that student has a chance to raise his GPA rate to at least 2.00.

GPA Calculation

  • According to the article, the student's course points get calculated as the number of credit hours multiplied by the score points (12).
  • The student's total points in any semester get calculated as the total points of courses passed by the student this semester.
  • The student's cumulative rate at the end of any semester gets calculated as the total points achieved by the student in all the courses studied divided by the total number of hours adopted for these courses, considering the rules about the re-improvement of the courses.

The semester's average score is calculated as the student's total points in the courses divided by the total number of credit hours.

The Cumulative GPA is the GPA at graduation after passing all graduation requirements. A student can only obtain a bachelor's degree if he achieves a GPA of at least 2.00.

The students' certificate must include all courses registered during the study period, including courses they have failed, withdrawn, or improved.


To obtain honors, the student must meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain a cumulative rate of 3.3 during his study period in the program.
  • He must not have failed in any course during his studies in the program.
  • Has not been subject to any disciplinary actions during his studies at the university.


  • The student can apply for a review of the course grades within a week of the result's announcement after paying the prescribed fees.
  • In the case of a general complaint of a course, the relevant committee will review the students' grades and decide on the course grades.

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