Galala University welcomes a delegation from the Higher Institute for Naval Studies

Prof.Dr. Ashraf Haider Ghaleb, Acting President of Galala University, welcomed a delegation from the Navy forces at the GU campus. 


The delegation included many navy officers from Egypt, and other countries, including KSA, Sudan, and India.


Prof.Mohamed El-Shinawi, Acting Vice President of Galala University for International Relations, Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof.Dr. Tarek Abo El Maaty, Acting Vice President for the Academic Affairs, and Mr. Yasser Kazem, Acting Secretary-General, were also present during the visit to welcome the delegation members. 


This visit comes within the interest of many state agencies and various institutions to organize trips to Galala University, as a smart fourth-generation Egyptian university, where the University promotes modern technological development through research, unique teaching methodologies. The University also collaborates with many international academic communities through joint memorandums of understanding. 


Prof.Dr. Ashraf Haidar expressed his great happiness with this visit, saying that it is a pleasure to receive the delegation of the Navy of different nationalities in this official visit. It reflects the University's unique geographical location's competitive advantage, applying the comprehensive educational system, which includes integrated curricula of high-quality scientific research, theoretical and practical teaching methods to meet local, regional, and international labor requirements markets. 


Those combined make it one of the best educational purposes for local and international students and a distinctive interface for receiving Delegations from all sides to learn about the University's latest achievements. GU is considered one of Egypt's national projects, founded in record time based on planning and hard work to provide an integrated educational system, following international standards, on Egyptian territory.


During the visit, the delegation inspected the various colleges on the campus and listened to a full explanation from the University's Acting President about all the ways and possibilities available on campus to serve students, such as university dormitories, sports fields, lectures halls, and meetings. In addition to the grand conference hall on campus, which includes the central library and grand theater with a capacity of 1250 people and four halls with a capacity of 300 individuals. 


The delegation members expressed their happiness with this visit after witnessing how the University facilitates all available ways to serve its students and develop further, to receive more students in the future. 

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