«Immigration» organizes a visit to the child Maysara Maqlid, winner of the “Person of the year” in Austria, to Galala City

The Ministry of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs’ abroad, in cooperation with the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces, organized a visit to the city of Galala, located in Ain Sokhna, for the child Maysara Mahmoud Maqlid, winner of the “Person of the year" award for 2020 in Austria, accompanied by his father Mahmoud Maqlid, to learn about the development of the Egyptian state and national projects, with Galala city, being one of the giant national development projects launched by his excellency, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, it occupies an excellent geographical location. It enjoys a direct view of the Red Sea coast, which qualifies this project to become a global city on the Egyptian territory. 

The visit included a tour of Galala’s Marble and Granite Factory complex, one of the giant projects that will put Egypt on the global industry map. Maysara and his father listened to a detailed explanation about the plant’s production lines and the size of the factory’s final product, which provides thousands of jobs.

The visit also included a tour of Galala University, which is an excellent educational institution, added to the list of Egyptian universities, which is built on an area of 173.5 acres and has a large number of colleges, a public hospital, a conference hall, and accommodation for professors and students, where the university is scheduled to accommodate more than 25,000 students and will include many buildings for new fields, offering various programs, as well as an educational hospital, research laboratories and studies that mimic the best international universities.

During his tour at Galala University, Maysara met with many students and conversed with them about studying at the university and the award he received in Austria.

The visit also included a tour of Galala Touristic Resort and the Mountain Corniche, a paradigm shift in the level of touristic services provided in Egypt to integrate all touristic elements, including hotels, villas, chalets, “water parks," and recreational activities. 

During the visit, he boarded the “Cable Car," which will bring a new surge in Egyptian tourism, the longest distance in the Middle East, with two stations in Galala, one at the top of the mountain and the other below the mountain, and the length of the cable car path is 4,500 meters.

For their side,   Maysara and his father expressed their happiness to be in The City of Galala, one of the giant projects that are being implemented on the land of Egypt in all fields, and proud of the size of the achievement in the Egyptian state in the significant projects implemented by international standards and Egyptian hands, saying: “It is an honor to be present with the Project Of Galala."

Maysara confirmed that he considers himself an ambassador to Egypt in Austria, explaining that he will talk to his friends about what he saw of the fantastic achievements, where a whole city and university was created in just two years, where he kept many videos and pictures to use to promote the great national projects that are happening in Egypt, which inspires pride in our country.

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