Information Technology Training & Continues Development Unit

Unit Goals

  • Providing distinguished and advanced training programs for individuals and institutions that keep pace with the aspirations of the trainees and keep pace with the country's vision 2030.
  • Spreading awareness of information technology.
  • Spreading awareness of the importance of continuous training and development in line with quality standards, in order to contribute to building an information society.
  • Practical training for students, researchers, interested institutions, public bodies and citizens in the field of information technology and digital transformation.
  • Training university students on the courses of the Basics of Digital Transformation, which are decided by the Supreme Council of Universities in its session held on 01/23/2021 for the students on whom the obligatory university requirement course (Computer Skills- CSE011) is decided in place of the ICDL certificate, as well as for those who wish to receive it.
  • Providing specialized courses in the field of computer science and data science for university students, faculty members, their assistants, administrators, community service such as factories and companies located within the university’s scope, in line with the state’s directives in implementing digital transformation and with the aim of raising the efficiency of the employees of these institutions.
  • Offering specialized courses in the field of human resources development to cope with the challenges in accordance with modern education methods for workers and students.

Unit Functions

  • Providing and implementing programs that encourage sustainable development including seminars, workshops, and periodicals addressed to academics, administrators and students, with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of the center.
  • Developing the competencies of faculty members, their assistants, other leaders, administrators and students at the university to use advanced technology and various sources of knowledge.
  • Opening channels of communication between the unit and the segments of society and concluding protocols with community bodies and institutions with the aim of contributing to the self-development of the center and the university.
  • Preparing trainings with the necessary competencies and skills to carry out various activities.
  • Presenting and preparing all kinds of training programs to be held at the center, along with preparing the necessary forms
  • Keeping up with the educational and research developments and innovations in all components of the educational system.
  • Preparing publications and leaflets necessary for the training courses.
  • Performing any other tasks that could be counted as training in any field of any specialization.

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