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Gehan E. Ghonemy Shedied

Gehan E. Ghonemy Shedied

Dean of faculty of Nursing


Professor D. Gehan E. Ghonemy is an esteemed academic known for her dedication to the nursing field. As the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at Galala University in Egypt, she holds a pivotal role in shaping nursing education. Throughout her career, she has held several influential administrative positions, including Head of the Maternal & Newborn Health Nursing Department at Cairo University’s Faculty of Nursing and Vice Dean for Postgraduate Study at Beni Suef University’s Faculty of Nursing. Her leadership extends internationally, as she served as Acting Dean of Nursing at Zarqa Private University in Jordan and Vice Dean of Clinical Training for Undergraduate Students at Mu’tah University, also in Jordan. Professor Ghonemy’s commitment to nursing research and education is evident through her involvement in various steering committees aimed at program development and her certification as an associate trainer from IBCT. Her contributions continue to impact the nursing profession on both national and international levels.


  • Doctoral Degree in Nursing Science (DNSc) Cairo university , Master      Degree In Maternal & Newborn Health Nursing (Msc.) Cairo university.
  • Diploma in Midwifery , Uppsala University ,Sweden.
  • Bachelor in Nursing Science (Bsc.) Cairo university.

Area Of Research

  • The prime research interest is woman’s & Newborn’s health.
  • High Risk Pregnancy & Nursing care related.
  • Midwifery.


  •  Member of measurment & assessment committee Project for assess faculties quality of  exams  at higher Ministry of education” PMU” , Egypt since 2019.
  • Co-ordinate Misr El Khier Training Project for nurse aid at faculty of nursing – Cairo  University, Egypt from 9-2013:5l2014.
  • Strategic plan project (as a team member) for upgrading the higher education among the health sectors, affiliated by the  Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education (2010-2013). , 
  • Co investigator at Project of smoking screening among users In Egypt, Project sponsored by WHO, Ministry of Health & Britain University In Egypt.(2012).
  • As co investigator (former principle investigator) in “determine of interbirth: a community based survey of woman in reproductive age ” project funded by Mu’tah university (2003-2004).
  • Assistant researcher in “quality management in nursing” Cairo University, Egypt (2001).


  • Educator ,  Researcher,  Training( under & post graduate students) Administrator.
  • Supervising & directing PHD & Master candidate during their research studies Project Manager.
  • Reviewer at Many national& international nursing Journal.
  • Planning & Implementing many workshop & scientific activities. 
  • Affiliated to many organization & committees as, Membership Of The Scientific Association Of Arab Nursing Faculties As Dean Of The Faculty Of Nursing, (Zarqa Private University, Jordan, Since 92006-9/2009  & Galala University , Egypt since 2021)  ; Membership of Egyptian – German Society of Obstetrics Gynecology (E.G.S.O.G)2004-2007; Member in safe motherhood agency (Egypt).

Awards/Honorable Mentions

Honored As A Teacher of the year from the Maternal & Newborn Health Nursing departments, faculty of nursing, Cairo university .for More than ten years.

Academic Positions

Professor of Maternal & Newborn Health Nursing, dean of faculty of Nursing.