Quick Start

Quick Start

All you need to know for your first year at GU

Top 10 Tips for first year students

  • Trust the orientation process: Orientation is intentionally designed to introduce you to the resources, places and people that will make your coming years at GU great. Participate in as many events as you can, be open to making new friends in your GU community and have fun!
  • Don’t feel too anxious about fitting in – there is a place for everyone at GU. But if you do feel anxious, know that many other students are feeling the same way right now. It may not happen on the first day, but you will find your place on campus. All you need to do is be yourself. We’re excited to get to know you exactly as you are!
  • Bring a planner/calendar, and learn to use it. Classes are scheduled much differently than in high school, so you may be tricked into feeling like you have a lot of ‘free time’ during the day. Organize your time well so you can get your work done and have time to participate in campus activities and relax.
  • Ask for help as soon as you think you need it. You’re not expected to know everything, and we are here to help you! Professors love getting to know their students during office hours. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; everyone does it!
  • Make your room feel like home. If you are staying in the dorms, make your space feel comfortable. Reach out to your colleagues and get to know them.
  • Pack light. Trust us, you don’t need to bring everything you own. For your wardrobe, be mindful of the number of days you’re spending on-campus and bring things you can layer easily.
  • Allow time to adjust to your new normal. It’s different for everyone, but it will take some time to figure out a good routine, make new friends and feel comfortable in your new home. If you’re feeling stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out to your advisor. We are here to help you through your transition.
  • Tings might not always go as planned—and that’s great. You may be coming to university with a certain time plan or no plan at all. Either way, be open to new experiences and new interests that arise. Try to have a positive attitude toward change and know that you’re always learning and growing, even when things are different than you expected.
  • Find different ways to get involved on campus. From clubs, to research opportunities, taking an interesting class or just going to campus event, sometimes the best experiences in university are when you’re trying something new.
  • Remember to take care of yourself. Healthy eating, good sleep, hygiene habits and self-care routines often go out the window when you come to university. you can’t be at your best if you forget to take care of yourself. A healthy sleeping and eating schedule make all the difference in both your mental and physical health.

Who are we ?

Galala University (GU) is established as one of the smart-universities, adhering to the “Fourth Generation Universities” worldwide, which put Scientific Research, Local and International Jobs Requirements, and Hands-on Experience at the core of its learning strategy. The University is located in Galala City, Suez Governorate, built over 173.5 feddans and offering fifteen promising fields, comprising more than 60 distinct programs following the credit hours system. GU provides its students with the latest technology, facilities, and top-notch academic and administrative staff members. All staff members work collectively to provide an outstanding learning experience.

Studying at GU

English is the Official Language of Instruction. The Credit Hour system applies to all programs, except for the Field of Medicine, which depends on the integrated program.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is an important part of Undergraduate Education. Its purpose is to assist students in taking responsibility for their own learning and develop meaningful educational plans compatible with their potential and their career and life goals.

Each student is assigned an academic advisor who follows-up the student and chooses the courses each semester.

There can be more than one academic advisor in the program, depending on the number of students enrolled.

Each student is assigned an academic guide who follows the student and chooses the courses each semester.

The academic advisor’s responsibilities:

  • Help the student choose his academic course as well as choosing courses in each semester.
  • Help the student chooses his/her field training.
  • Help the student chooses his/her specialization and graduation projects.
  • The academic advisor may ask the student to retake courses that the student has already succeeded in or enrolled in to raise the graduation GPA.

Liberal Arts Education

  • Students are urged to liberate their minds
  • Students learn across disciplines


  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Decision Making
  4. Ability to Learn
  5. Creativity

Declaration of Major

  • Each major requires:
    • A certain amount of credits
    • A Grade Point Average (GPA) set by the department
    • Specific courses
    • Interviews and portfolios

Credit Hour System at GU

  • Credit hour system is widely used in the United States of America, Canada and several other countries. It is a measure of the contact hours between the instructor and the student per semester.

Academic Load/ Semesters

  • The academic year consists of two main semesters (Fall-Spring), 15 weeks each, you can register around 16 Credit Hours. A Summer Semester is optional and it consists of 7 Weeks where you can register around 6 Credit Hours.

    Duration of the Study varies according to programs' requirements. The study's minimum duration is based on the program's study period and ensures that all graduation requirements get fulfilled.


Your grade point average (GPA) is a number that indicates how well you scored in your courses. The average result of all your grades is calculated based on a GPA scale between 1.0 and 4.0

Grades lead to your GPA

Marks % Collected Grade Points Description
More than 97%             A+ 4 Excellent
93% to less than 97%       A 4
89% to less than 97%       A- 3.7
84% to less than 89%       B+ 3.3 Very good
80% to less than 84%       B 3.0
    76% to less than 80%       B- 2.7
73% to less than 76%       C+ 2.3 Good
70% to less than 73%       C 2.0
67% to less than 70%       C- 1.7 Pass
64% to less than 67%     D+ 1.3
60% to less than 64%       D 1.0
Less than 60%       F 0.0 Fail

GPA Calculation Example

Course                                   Credits                                               Grades                               Quality points

MAT214                                     4                                                         B (3.0)           =                               12

MGT132                                      3                                                       B(3.0)             =                                 9

ACC111                                        3                                                         A (4.0)         =                               12

ECO102                                        3                                                           B (3.0)        =                                 9

——–                                                                                                      ——–

16                                                                                                             48

GPA=48/16 =3.0

Path to Graduation

  • 20 Credit Hours University Requirement course
  • Each program requires Certain number of credits
  • A Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) 2.0
  • Field training and/or graduation project if applicable

What if you are not doing well ……?

Talk to your academic advisor                                                    Visit the Academic Advising Center


What if you failed in a course?

Retake the course

The maximum number of times a student can repeat it for improvement is 5 times.


Course Repeat


Improve GPA


Failed in a Course
The highest grade of the course will be accounted for in the cumulative GPA

  Maximum Grade B+



Full attendance is required

Minor Declaration Guidelines

Galala University (GU) offers a wide range of minor studies, which allow our students to gain more knowledge and other experience across different fields.

Students studying one minor or more will have to fulfill a certain number of credit hours; to be decided by the minors' program directors.

Double Major Declaration

  1. The university encourages its students to get dual majors. Students should be aware that both majors' requirements must be fulfilled to graduate and fully completed without an exemption from Basic courses in both disciplines.

GU’s Response to COVID-19

Since the onset of COVID‐19, the safety of our students, staff and faculty have been at the forefront of our response. We have adapted our teaching delivery methods and supports to ensure students can continue to succeed.

We have introduced a number of comprehensive safety measures as we prepare to welcome students back to campus for the Fall (October) 2021 Semester:

  • Masks are mandatory for everyone on campus.
  • Student Health Ambassadors will help enforce physical distancing measures.
  • Signage related to physical distancing and other measures to reduce the risks related to COVID-19 will be clearly posted throughout the campuses.
  • We are installing protective barriers in areas where students and staff interact.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at each entrance, classroom and common area. Our cleaning schedule and protocols have been increased. High-touch areas such as doorknobs, handrails and desks will be sanitized frequently.
  • There will be limited seating capacities in our classrooms, and we have scheduled extra time between classes to allow for sanitization.
  • Directional signs on the floors will allow students to maintain physical distancing while getting to and from their classes.

Strategies for Success


Treat your peers, staff and faulty with respect and dignity. Act responsibly.

Study Permit

You are responsible for meeting the conditions and requirements of your study permit.


Read all your course information and complete your assignments on time. Communicate with

your instructors if you have problems or questions.


You are responsible for any fees (library fines, add/drop classes, letter requests, etc.) you may

incur. You must ensure that payments are made by the deadline.


Go to class. The most successful students often have great attendance.

Get Involved

Take part in GU activities. A variety of social activities happen both on and off

campus throughout the semester. Many of these events require student volunteers.

Get to know your on-campus facilities

GU is surrounded by breathtaking views, which provide a healthy environment and an appropriate atmosphere to practice physical fitness. Since we recognize the importance of sports for leading a healthy life and maintaining a physical balance, the University focuses on developing sporting excellence and active participation in various sports events and competitions.

We provide outstanding opportunities for students to develop their sports interests and abilities by involving them in diverse activities based on their preferences. GU comprises the following sports facilities:

  • Soccer Court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Hand Ball Court
  • Outdoor Track and Field
  • Ping-Pong Tables
  • Tennis Court
  • Gym Hall

In addition, GU campus offers both a place to learn and a place to have fun. The students will find a vast number of ways to enjoy themselves, keep busy and make friends on campus and in classes. Through a variety of clubs, students can choose what suit them most.


  • Student Dorms:

GU provides its students with fully serviced accommodation rooms for males and females at very reasonable prices, equipped with free WI-FI internet access, a kitchenette, and a private bathroom. GU male and female students stay in single rooms to ensure applying all Covid-19 precautionary measures.

  • E-Learning:

Galala University is equipped with the latest technology to provide its students with an outstanding learning experience, preparing them to be the leaders of tomorrow, capable of facing the outside world with its high competitiveness in the local and international job market.

Electronic, knowledge, & Training Services Center:

The center aims at providing electronic, knowledge and training services through different programs and activities that match the vision of the state 2030 and the vision of Galala University, where these services are characterized by stability and modernity, with openness to the corresponding centers and all higher education institutions locally, regionally and internationally.

      Information Technology Training & Continues Development Unit 

The unit aspires to provide distinguished and advanced training programs for individuals and institutions that keep pace with the aspirations of the trainees and keep pace with the country's vision 2030, in addition to Spread awareness of information technology.

  • Transportation:

GU maintains an extensive bus service available to all GU community, including staff members and students. Our buses travel between the GU Campus and through neighborhoods all over Cairo and Giza.

  • Clinic & Medical Care:

GU Clinic offers comprehensive health care services to ensure the well-being of the entire GU community.  Provided services include Medical Advice, Treatment, Vaccines, Pharmacy Services, and External care.

  • One Stop Shop:

“One-Stop-Shop” always works on providing a friendly environment with compassionate, convenient, comprehensive, and customized student-centered support.

  • Career Development & Internships:

GU prepares current students to be future leaders; capable of acquiring a competitive advantage, easing access to different job opportunities on the local and international level. Students can engage in different internship opportunities at different offices at the University, or through our partners from the private sector.

GU Libraries

GU libraries will become the intellectual hub center for the University by accelerating research, creativity, innovation, and learning for global impact and community service. GU libraries support the educational process and scientific research by providing diverse and advanced learning and research resources, the latest information technologies, and qualified human resources to contribute to the sustainable development of the community and to achieve the university's goals.

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