Social & Human Sciences

Mohamed Alkhuzamy Aziz


Dean of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

Professor Alkhuzamy holds a master’s degree and PhD in Arts in the field of cartography from Austria. he also obtained the rank of associate professor in 1998 from King Saud University in Riyadh and became a professor at Kuwait University in 2005. He was involved in the Technical Committee for the Establishment of New state Universities in Egypt. Professor Alkhuzamy  published 65 papers in different magazines, renowned journals and international, regional and local conferences in German, English and Arabic languages.Also, He published 12 books in the three languages in the field of cartography and GIS. In addition, He received two awards for excellence in international scientific publishing from Fayoum University in  2014 & 2018.  Furthermore, in 2006, He obtained the International Fellowship in Geographic Information Systems offered by the UNIGIS network, which is ranked sixth worldwide.he also registered a patent in the field of automated census in the Patent Office of the Academy of Scientific Research under No. 2119. Professor Alkhuzamy’s academic journey was filled with many positions at a number of international and regional universities such as, Salzburg University in Austria, Qatar University, King Saud University in Riyadh, Kuwait University, Germany, UK, USA, and Canada. Finally, He was appointed at Fayoum University 2011 as the Vice-dean for Postgraduate & Research and professor of Applied Geo-Informatics (GIS).

Amira Fouad 

Assistant Professor 

Applied English Language Program

Professor Amira Fouad is an Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature. She has conducted rigorous research in the fields of comparative literature and cultures. She has also co-supervised MA theses at both the local and the regional levels. Dr. Fouad’s academic knowledge and expertise are well-supported by international credentials and training from North American and England.

Maha Elsaid 

Professor, English Program 

Social & Human sciences field

Professor Maha is the former Chair of the English Department, Cairo University. Professor Maha has many publications on Arab American writings and was the first to write a book length dissertation on Arab American poetry in 1997. Her latest book is Rethinking Gender in Revolutions and Resistance: Lessons from the Arab World (Zed Books 2015) addresses gender identities, gender relations and gender norms post Arab Spring. With an important empowering rule, she is the founder of the Cairo University Anti-Harassment and Violence against Women Unit, the first of its kind in the Arab World. Prof. Elsaid is Egypt's nominee for the USA prize for Global Women of Courage.As well as several initiatives, both at the university and outside, she is an educational and cultural consultant for IOs including UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, USAID, UNWomen among others.

Fadwa Abdelrahman 


English literature

Professor Fadwa got her BA and MA in English language and literature from the Faculty of Al-Alsun, Ain-Shams University. Then she got her Ph D in English from Georgia State University. Prof Fadwa’s latest academic position was; The head of the Department of English at Badr University in Cairo. She teaches a wide range of courses on both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels including Cultural Studies, Canonical Literature, Literary Criticism and 20th Century Novel among others.

She received the International Publication Award from Ain-Shams University. She is the editor in chief of Textual Turnings, a Journal of English Studies published by the department of English, Faculty of Al-alsun, Ain Shams University. She also has a number of published translated articles,books and brilliant participations such as; “V.S. Naipaul: The White Traveler Under the Dark Mask’’, “From Page To Celluloid: Michael Cunningham’s The Hours’’.

Nagy Rashwan 


Reader of Contemporary English Literature and Philosophy of Language 

Awardee of The Highest Egyptian National Prize for Academic Endeavours (The State National Encouragement Award-2002). Prof. Rashwan is the author and translator of many books and articles including his most famous work (Cultural Consciousness and the Myths of Conceptions, 2000). Associate Professor Nagy Rashwan’s newly attained position at Galala University’s Languages Department as a Reader of Contemporary English Literature and Philosophy of Language is one particular cause of attraction for students of excellence in the Field of Social and Human Sciences.