Art & Design Staff

Ahmed Hanno


Dean of Faculty of Art & Design

Professor Hanno holds a Phd degree from Kassel University, KunsthochschuleKassel, Germany in Art philosophy and History, visual communication and animation films. Channel system Program DAAD candidate. Professor Hanno has an outstanding participation in creating animated movies by being character designer, Storyboard, Layout design and Key animator for educational and entertainment programs for children in Cairo Cartoon Studio which created many movies like Kany and Many, Color paint stories, Sindbad Adventures, Historical Quranic stories, Folkloric Egyptian songs, Bakar and Hanadi. In addition to some important roles such as; Participating in establishing the Child Museum, Egyptian National Center for Fine Arts, Cairo, The youth Artistic Gathering in Rome County, Italy, The Mediterranean Landscape studios in Tat wan, Morocco and The Turin Art Biennale, Turi, Italy.

Rania Farouk A.A. NAKHIL 


Art & Design Vice Dean

Rania Nakhil is a professor of Branding and Corporate identity design, who received her Ph.D. In Advertising from  Helwan University, Faculty of Applied Arts. Her research interests include marketing and visual communications. She was promoted to full professor in 2019 for her design, academic, research and managerial contributions. 
As a member of Technical committee for universities programs and bylaws- Ministry of higher education and scientific research, she designed logos and visual identities for the new national universities: King Salman international university, New Mansoura, Galala and Alalamein International university, in addition to Technical universities and some other official and private entities.

Akmal Abdelrahman

Associate Professor

Visual Arts Program Director

Prof. Akmal participated in more than 30 national and International Group exhibitions in painting and drawing and he was Awarded (13) national prizes. Prof. Akmal received his PhD in Mural Design from RIMAD , University of Bedfordshire, in addition to MA in SET-DESIGN from the Faculty of Applied Arts. He was a research fellow at the Research Institute of Media, Art and Design, University of Bedfordshire UK.