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Study Plan

Marketing Program (Dual Degree)

Marketing Program (Dual Degree)

Semester 1

Code Course Name
BIS 111 Computer Applications and Information Technology
MAT 235 Brief Calculus
SOC 112 Principles of Sociology
PSC 011 Intro to Law and Human Rights

LAN 010


LAN 011

Arabic Language (G)


Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers (G)

GEO 217 Climate Change and Sustainability
LIB 116 Research and Analytical Skills

Semester 2

Code Course Name
HIS 111 History of Civilizations
ECO 113 Macroeconomic Principles
VIA 121 History of Art
PYS 111 Introduction to Psychology
MAT 236 Mathematics for Business Analysis
UNR 012 Negotiation Skills
COM 011 Communication Skills
  *English for Undergraduate Admissions and Achievement Course

Semester 3

Code Course Name
ACC 112 Uses of Accounting Information I
LAN 025 First-Year Composition
ECO 114 Microeconomic Principles
MAT 335 Business Statistics
CHE 102 General Chemistry
LAN 028 Critical Thinking

Semester 4

Code Course Name
ACC 122 Uses of Accounting Information II
LAN 026 First-Year Composition
BIO 100 The Living World
COM 017 Public Speaking
MGT 031 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
BIS 321 E-commerce and E-business

Term when ASU admission application is submitted. Applications must be submitted no later than two months prior to the start of the 5th semester. Continuation into semester 5 is dependent on satisfactory completion of semester 4.

Semester 5

Code Course Name
MKT 311 Applied Marketing Management and Leadership
MGT365 Intermediate Career Management
LAN 027 Business Writing
FIN 212 Fundamentals of Finance
MGT 337 Global Supply Operations
MKT 314 Introduction to Digital Marketing
ACC 211 Intermediate Accounting 1

Semester 6

Code Course Name
MGT 366 Junior Networking Foundations
MKT 310 Marketing Research
MGT 313 Organization and Management Leadership
MGT 436 Principles of International Business
MKT 319 Advertising and Beyond: Customer-Centric Brand Development
MKT 315 Designing Brand Identity: Methods and Digital Tools
MKT 316 Business-to-Business Marketing

Semester 7

Code Course Name
MKT 410 Consumer Behavior
MGT 363 Business Law and Ethics for Managers
MGT 367 Problem Solving and Actionable Analytics
MKT 419 Global Marketing Management
COM 016 Diversity and Organizations
MKT 412 Social Media and Content Marketing

Semester 8

Code Course Name
BIS 232  Advanced Excel in Business
MKT 415 Competitive Marketing Strategy
MGT 474 Capstone Course
MGT 463 Senior Career Transition Management
MKT 418 Services Marketing Strategy
MGT 464 Building Leadership Skills 

Elective (E1)

  • BIS434 Marketing Analytics Fundamentals
  • BIS412 Fintech Fundamentals
  • ACC 211 Intermediate Accounting 1
  • ACC412 Accounting Information for Decision Making
  • MGT312 Feasibility study for small Business Enterprise
  • ECO231 Digital Economy
  • FIN414 International Finance
  • FIN415 Business Analysis and Valuation
  • MKT315 Designing Brand Identity: Methods and Digital Tools
  • MKT412 Social Media and Content Marketing
  • MKT318 Integrated Marketing Communications

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