The Ministerial Decree No 10 for the year 2021

Decisions by

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Ministerial Decree No. 10 for the year 2021

January 5th, 2021

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

After reviewing the following: the “Universities Regulation" law, number 49 for the year 1972, and its executive regulations; the “Private and National Universities" law, number 12 for the year 2009, and its executive regulations; the confirmation of the Private and National Universities Council in the meeting held on December 24th, 2020; and what has been presented by the Secretary-General of the Private and National Universities Council;

has decided the following:

Section 1:

The Private and National Universities Council organizes and implements the criteria of accepting students who wish to enroll at the private and national universities online according to the rules and regulations of this decision mentioned below in this document. According to the Egyptian higher education laws for students’ acceptance, any university cannot accept any new students except according to these rules and regulations. 

Section 2:

This decision will be listed in the “Egyptian Chronicle." It will be applied to students applying to private and national universities starting from the second semester of the academic year 2020/2021. All the responsible entities must apply it, disregarding any decision opposing this decision. 

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Prof.Dr Khaled Abd El Ghaffar

The Sole Online Admission System for the Egyptian private and state universities as per the county’s direction towards the digital transformation

The project’s steps:

  1. Admission Exams Stage:
    1. Each university decides on all the fields that will have an admission exam.
    2. Each university decides on the types of the required admission exams.
    3. Each university decides on the fees for taking the online admission exams on its website and the payment place. 
    4. The exams are to be done starting from March for the first academic semester and December and January for the second academic semester. 
  1. The preparation phase for the fields’ admission coordination: 
    1.  Each university prepares the list for students who passed the admission exams, given that their number should be higher than the allowed number of accepted students for each field for the system to be able to select the accepted students; if not, the submitted lists will not be considered and the selection process will be from all the applying students. 
    2. Each university decides on all the fields that will have the accepted students chosen from the students who passed the admission exams and the fields that will accept students from the applicants’ public pool.
  2. The field’s admission coordination phases: 
    1. Each university will have an account created on the admission coordination website for the private universities.
    2. After each university receives its password, they register the fields, programs, and students who passed the admission exams under their responsibility in PDF format so that nobody can forge these lists.
    3. After the Thanaweya Amma results are declared, and the minimum acceptance percentages for all the different fields are decided, students who achieved the passing percentage only in the admission year and the year before being allowed to register their intended fields/programs online, with a maximum of 25 entries. Students are responsible for their details submitted in the admission application, specifically their submitted email address.
    4. The fields and programs list displayed for the students must include the annual tuition fees, as the variation of the fields’ tuition fees can be an attraction point to some fields more than others.
    5. Students are allowed to change their intended fields/programs up to three days after starting their admission process; after that, the system will automatically reject any changes.
    6. The students’ names and nominations to their admitted fields and programs are to be announced on the fields’ admission coordination websites of the universities.
    7. Students are granted a 48-hour time period to review their admitted fields/programs’ nominations and submit their petition forms to review the online fields’ admission coordination process and make sure the admitted students’ lists match the list of students who passed Thanweyya Amma.
    8. After this period ends, the website will be closed, and students will be directed to their respective universities.
    9. The universities hold all the admission applications for the different fields after one hour from announcing the accepted students’ names in each university’s fields.
  3. Post Fields’ Admission Coordination Phase:
    1. Students are granted a three-working-day period to carry out the following procedures at the banks:

4-1-1- Registering online on the university website.

4-1-2- Deposit the following semester’s tuition fees in any of the different university’s bank accounts.

    1. Students who could not complete the procedures mentioned above during the allowed time frame:

4-2-1- After 48 hours, the university’s administration informs the online fields’ admission coordination of the private universities of the students who failed to pay the fees and that they will have to cancel their names.

4-2-2- The fields’ admission coordination informs the students through an email or a text message that they failed to complete the required procedures.


  • These students should complete their procedures within 48 hours.
  • Failing to complete the procedures means the cancelation of their names with a status of “Failed to complete the procedures."
  • These students cannot apply in any fields’ admission coordination in any private universities this year. 

4-3-  A warning to students who fail to finish their online procedures in (48) hours:

4-3-1- The online fields’ admission coordination will cancel their application.

4-3-2- An alternative applicant from the waiting list should be recommended.

4-3-3- The students’ names should be put on the (Failed to complete the procedures) list and will not be accepted by the system in any field’s admission coordination of any private universities this year. 

  1. After finishing the whole fields’ admission coordination phase:

Suppose some of the places remain empty in any of the fields. In that case, it could be allowed for any university to open an online admission phase, given that each of these universities can do their own fields’ admission coordination, based on the number of empty places, the minimum acceptance percentage, and prioritizing the higher scores. The universities are required to prepare lists of these students after conducting the admission exam, including the overall score and the percentage, and send them to the Private and National Universities Council to ensure the fairness of the process and sticking to the minimum acceptance score, and are required not to inform any of the concerned students of their acceptance and registration except after getting the council’s approval. This acceptance cannot be applied retroactively. 

These select fields’ admission coordination cannot be applied to students who failed to complete their admission procedures. They started online applications on the system and did not finish the admission steps.               

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