Training Programs for Administrative and Academic Cadres at Galala University

The Ministry of Higher Education and the State for Scientific Research, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, pay close attention to the new private universities, to provide the best possible level of service to students, and to become one of the most important local and international educational destinations. The Ministry has developed a strategy to achieve this goal, the most important of which is developing and training the cadres working in these universities, including administrators and faculty members.

In line with the Ministry’s strategy, and within the framework of the keenness of Galala University, as one of the leading Egyptian state universities, which began receiving its first batch of students last year, and based on its belief that developing the skills of the university’s academic and administrative staff is an integral part of achieving the Ministry’s strategy, a group of administrators at Galala University, simultaneously with the beginning of the first semester of new students last October, went through several training courses, which are conducted in coordination with the Training and Development Center at Ain Shams University over a whole year, to train them according to the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education on the skills required for their daily work within the university. The training topics varied to include Emotional Intelligence, Creative and Masterwork, and other topics.

The Institute of Diplomatic Studies of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in coordination with the Training and Development Center at Ain Shams University, held a training last Saturday for a group of administrators from Galala University, where a group of ambassadors delivered various seminars on all topics related to etiquette and protocol. Including her Excellency Minister / Dr. Moshira Khattab – Former Minister of State for Family and Population; Her Excellency Ambassador / Dr. Nihad Seif El-Yazal; Her Excellency Ambassador / Dr. Soha El-Far and finally His Excellency Ambassador / Dr. Kadry Abd al-Latif, the seminars dealt with various topics; Like the art of talking and communicating with others; How to hold official conferences and meetings; the difference between etiquette and protocol. All seminars were run throughout the day in an interactive form between the ambassadors and administrators. 

The administrators and faculty members at Galala University during the coming period will complete the training program, according to the requirements of each position and the evaluation of the university, provided that the participants in the training are granted a certificate of completing the entire training program from the Training and Development Center at Ain Shams University after all its elements are met. 

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