Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal & Refund Policy

Withdrawal Policy of New or Returning Students

GU students who have passed the Admissions Exams fulfilled all the requirements to be enrolled as complete or part-time, paid the tuition fees according to their Academic Program, and as evaluated by the university's administration, get the chance to pay their tuition fees. The fees must be paid before the first day of classes.

Galala University is a non-profit university that provides the students with world-class faculty, teaching methods, classrooms & laboratories with advanced facilities. The tuition fees are recommended to cover part of the student cost approved by the university's top management. The value is calculated to be equivalent to the student's full load based on the study program. The tuition is covering the full-time registration for the load of 36 credit hours per year.

Students who are late in paying the full tuition for each semester on the announced time will have to pay a tardiness fine added to their financial balance.

Dropping all registered courses during the semester is considered a withdrawal, and refunding is allowed only until the last day of the second week. No refund is allowed after the second week of any semester and after the first week to register for the Summer Session.

Students must fill out the withdrawal form and obtain all the required signatures as stated in the “Withdrawal Form."

Drop/Add courses will be allowed and permitted only during the designated period and as announced by the university each semester and stated in the University Academic Calendar. Grade of “W" will be appearing on the student's academic transcript after the first two weeks.

 Suppose the student drops one or more courses from the university's registered load during any semester before the end of the first week. In that case, these courses' tuition fees get recalculated to update the required tuition fees.

Students who will be returning to the university after one or more semesters will be required to fill a Readmission Form and pay readmission fees. If the university's policy for new tuition assessment is missing more than one academic year, it will be applied.

After one year, readmission is not granted automatically, and the student's file will be subject to be revised, evaluated, and approved.

Withdrawal Refund

Withdrawal Time

Allowed Refund of Tuition

Before Start of the University

Full Refund with 10% deduction of the semester fees for new students

First Week of Classes

Full Refund with 25% deduction of the semester fees for new students

First and Second Week of Classes of the Fall semester.

Full Refund with 25% deduction of the semester fees for new students

  • 10% Administrative Fees get deducted from the semester’s tuition fees for the “New Students" who withdrew but are eligible for a tuition refund.
  • 25% Administrative Fees get deducted from the semester’s tuition fees for the “New Students" who withdrew but are eligible for a tuition refund.
  • Paid tuition and deferred tuition get considered when calculating the refund percentage.
  • The scholarship’s tuition will be fully refunded for the university if students withdraw from the university before graduation.
  • Students enrolled in the university in previous semesters must pay the fees for a whole academic year before the withdrawal.
  • The deducted amount of the fees is equivalent to services provided to the students.

The Procedures of the Refund Process

  1. Receiving a request from the student for a refund.
  2. Check if the student's payment is refundable when obtaining a 100% scholarship or withdrawal within the first two weeks of classes.
  3. Check the percentage of the Refund as per the refund policy.
  4. Check the original receipt of the student's payment.
  5. Send a signed memo by the director of the Admissions & Registration to the Finance Office.
  6. Fill in a Payment Request form to be attached with the memo with the student's status.
  7. Attach the bank's receipt of the student's payment.
  8. Upon receiving all approvals, the memo will be sent to the Finance Office.
  9. The Finance office issues a check for the student within ten working days.
  10. A representative from the Admissions office contacts the student or his/her guardian to receive the finance office representatives' cheque.
  11. All documents requested by the Finance Office are to be prepared and sent on time.
  12.  Copy of all withdrawals, drop, add, and attached papers kept till the end of graduation year for any student.
  13. System to be updated with all the above actions
  14. The University is notified about the withdrawn student who took a scholarship to refund the total scholarship amount.

Administrative Fees

Most of the universities' administrative fees get calculated as percentages of the paid tuition/ fees that the students paid for a semester or an academic year.

  • Galala University deducts 10% of the tuition fees refunded to the student and his parent until the end of the semester's second week. (Except for AY 20/21, the deadline for full Refund has been announced to be after one month of the first day of classes)
  • The new students are entitled to have the full tuition refund until the end of the second week with the first semester's 25% administrative fees.
  • Financial Policies are applied and enforced with the cooperation between Finance Office and the Students Affairs' Office with the required approvals.

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