Women Empowerment Day

Galala University organized a ceremony on 7 April 2021 entitled “Empowering Women for Leadership Positions" for a group of women leaders in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Ashraf Haider Ghaleb, Acting President of the University, Dr. Mohamed El-Shanawi, Acting Vice-President of the University for International Cooperation, Community Service and Environmental Development and several Faculty Members of Galala University.

At the beginning of the visit, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Haider Ghaleb gave an introduction about the university and the study programs available to current students and highlighted the university’s plans, such as the construction of a 577-bed on-campus hospital, as well as the establishment of Galala’s Academy of Sciences and Scientific Research. During his speech, he also stressed that the university offers women the opportunity to work in leadership positions, saying, “Believing that education is a guaranteed right for all, so since the university’s opening late last year, we have promised to attract the best academic staff and give women opportunities to hold various academic and administrative positions. We do not forget the principle of equality between students in the educational process."

 Galala university opened the Office of Equal Opportunity on campus yesterday, which aims to develop supporting mechanisms and activities that strengthen women’s role in achieving the university’s mission. GU cares about establishing the principle of equal opportunities between the university’s gender team, by developing their skills and abilities and preparing them as leaders.

 The delegation members expressed their happiness to visit Galala University, as an educational entity that follows European universities’ lines by international standards. At the end of the visit, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Haider Ghaleb, Acting President of the university, offered the GU’s shield for women CSR leaders. The delegation members then inspected the various facilities and buildings within the campus, which has a capacity of 173 acres, accommodating 25000 students.  

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