“Your Health is from Egypt’s Health” on GU Campus

GU collaborated with the “100 Million Healthy Lives” initiative to detect most common diseases and advocate for #earlydetection of #BreastCancer and other diseases.

The campaign’s #medical #committee and representatives of the “Egyptian Women’s Health is Egypt’s Health” #initiative have been present throughout the week, on GU campus, conducting medical checkups for #students. adminstrative and academic staff members at Galala University to detect #Obesity , #chronicdisease  such as #diabetes  , #BloodPressure and #mammograms  Screenings.

Dr. Mohamed El-Shinawi, Acting Vice President of Galala University for International Affairs, Community Development and Environmental Issues, held an awareness lecture with the participation of Prof. Dr. Salma Dowara, Dean of the field of Medicine, on the importance of conducting regular check-ups to avoid many diseases at its early stages and the societal role to adopt this culture.


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