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Faculty of Medicine Celebrates Second White Coat Ceremony

The Faculty of Medicine at GU proudly celebrated its second White Coat Ceremony yesterday, marking a significant milestone for our dedicated medical students.

The White Coat Ceremony is a time-honored tradition that symbolizes the transition from the foundational medical sciences to the clinical years of medical education. This meaningful event serves as a rite of passage for students as they embark on their journey toward becoming healthcare professionals.
Distinguished guests and esteemed speakers offered inspiring words and invaluable insights to the new cohort of medical students. Among them were Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shinawi, GU President, and Dr. Salma Dowara, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. The ceremony also featured prominent figures such as Dr. Osama Abdel Hay, the Head of the Egyptian Physicians’ Syndicate, Dr. Shereen Galehb, the Head of the Physicians’ Syndicate of Cairo, and Dr. Tamer El Bouhy, the Head of the Physicians’ Syndicate of Suez. These esteemed leaders shared words of wisdom and encouragement, emphasizing the importance of dedication, compassion, and continuous learning in the noble field of medicine.
Congratulations to all our medical students who participated in this year’s White Coat Ceremony. We are excited to support you on the next phase of your journey and look forward to witnessing your growth and contributions to the healthcare field.