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Galala University is proud to announce that it's offering a number of scholarships for students who applied to the University this year. The scholarships will be provided at different rates to the following programs:

  • Construction Engineering & Specialized Construction Program
  • Material & manufacturing engineering Program
  • Biomedical Informatics Program
  • Architecture
  • Nano science & Technology
  • Technology of Prosthetic Dentistry
  • Technology of Prosthetic & Orthotic Devices
  • Program of Animation Movies
  • Textile & fashion Design Program
  • Program of Graphic Design
  • Television Production Program

Terms for the scholarships

  1. The student must be an Egyptian
  2. After announcing the admission results, students who meet the scholarship requirements, should apply for the scholarship at GU premises no later than the beginning of October 2021.
  3. Students applying for the scholarship will be ranked according to their nominal sum in each of the above programs.
  4. 15% of the students applying to the above programs will get the scholarship and they will be divided upon 3 segments (provided that they apply for the scholarship) as follows:

(a)     1st segment: 5% of students, with the highest nominal sums for the program, will get a full scholarship.

(b)    2nd segment: 5% of the students with the following nominal sums will get a half scholarship.

(c)     3rd segment: 5% of students with the following nominal sums will get a quarter scholarship

  1. In case of equal sums, preference is given to students who graduated from public, experimental or STEM schools.
  2. Privilege is then given to students with special needs and student-athletes ( after submitting certified documents ).

Conditions to continue receiving the scholarships

  1. The students who received the scholarship will continue to get it provided that they proceed excelling in their studies. They must achieve a cumulative total of no less than 3.80, 3.60, 3.40 (for the three segments) to get full, half or quarter scholarships consecutively. It's possible to be transferred from one segment to another.
  2. Students who get a cumulative score less than 3.40, which is the minimum requirement, will be deprived from receiving the scholarships.


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