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Field of Architectural Engineering

Architecture Design & Digital Architecture Program

Architecture Design & Digital Architecture Program

Required Courses Dual Degree Duration
61 Courses Not Available  10 Semesters
Language Credit Hours Annual Fees
English 164 Cr. Hrs. 69,000 EGP

Program Overview

Create the cities of tomorrow.

Behind every great design is a great technique. In our increasingly digital-driven built environment, a degree in Architectural Design & Digital Architecture Program is a route to a rewarding career.

So, if you’re fascinated with architecture, our program will lead you through the technical, operational, and environmental details of creating a building.

The architecture industry is constantly evolving as advancing technology and modern developments lead to new and exciting design and construction opportunities. Architectural Design & Digital Architecture graduates play a vital role in the industry. They plan and execute sophisticated residential and commercial designs. This program trains students to enter this progressive field with practical skills, advanced training, and the latest architectural technology.

Architectural design is a concept that focuses on components or elements of a structure. An architect is generally the one in charge of architectural design. They work with space and elements to create a coherent and functional structure. On the other hand, digital architecture has been used to refer to other aspects of architecture that feature digital technologies. Architecture that is created digitally might not involve the use of actual materials (brick, stone, glass, steel, wood). Rather, it relies on “sets of numbers stored in electromagnetic format” used to create representations and simulations that correspond to material performance and to map out built artefacts. Digital architecture does not just represent “ideated space”; it also creates places for human interaction that does not resemble physical architectural spaces. Examples of these places in the “Internet Universe” and cyberspace include websites, multi-user dungeons, MOOs, and web chat rooms.

This program is for you if :

  • You’re a creative, original thinker looking to develop technical skills in a recognized field.
  • You’re fascinated by architecture and passionate about shaping the built environment.
  • You’re looking for a creative course that combines maths, technology, and design.

Degree Requirements

University Requirement: (14+6) = 20 Credit Hours.

Field Requirement: (115 + 15) = 130 Credit Hours.

Speciality Requirements :(0+15) = 15 Credit Hours.

Total: (129+36) = 165 Credit Hours.

Learning Outcomes

In this program you will:

Master using key equipment and software packages used by industry professionals.

Enhance your knowledge and eye for good design as you build an awareness of materials, industry regulations, contemporary production methods, and end-user requirements.

Explore the role of nature, people, and technology in design and the physical, legal, economic, social, and environmental dimensions that impact the building design process.

Develop key skills in project appraisal, teamwork, critical analysis, and problem-solving as you’re being prepared for a professional career role.

Potential Career opportunities

This program is designed to equip you with professional and research skills that will enable you to address the future challenges of sustainable architecture and development. Many of our graduates pursue careers in allied industries, such as planning, architectural conservation, urban design, facilities, and project management, where these skills are in high demand. Graduates also work in heritage and history studies, event design, digital animation, and strategic management. The focus on theoretical architectural debate and developing sophisticated research skills will be excellent preparation to progress onto a PhD.

Students who earn a degree in  Architectural Design & Digital Architecture Program can choose from a variety of career paths:

  • Architectural Offices.
  • Engineering Firms.
  • BIM and CAD specific workgroups.
  • Homebuilders and Construction companies.
  • Engineering Consultants.
  • Emergent Architecture Management Information systems, Film industry, Animation and simulation.


Tuition Fees

  • Annual Fees: 69,000 EGP
  • Registration Fees (Paid Once): 3,500 EGP
  • Ministry Fees: 1,380 EGP
  • Annual Admin Fees: 7000 EGP
  • Total First Year Fees: 85,880 EGP
  • Total Annual Fees: 77,380 EGP
  • Lab Usage fees (non-Refundable): 5,000 EGP

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