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Field Of Applied Health Science Technology

Technology of Occupational Therapy Program

Technology of Occupational Therapy Program

Required Courses Dual Degree  Duration
56 Courses Not Available    8 Semesters
Language Credit Hours Annual Fees
English 130 Hours 42,000 EGP

Program Overview

A new program in Egypt aims to graduate therapists in occupational therapy, addressing a growing global need to improve the quality for patients with various conditions such as aging diseases, stroke, and cerebral palsy in children. The curriculum covers essential sciences and occupational therapy, focusing on patient assessment, program design, and implementation based on biomechanical principles. It also includes training in remedial programs and practical hospital experience to enhance theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Degree Requirements

To graduate from this program, you need to study the following credit hours:

University Requirement: 20 Credit Hours.

General Field Requirement: 27 Credit Hours.

Major Requirements: 83 Credit Hours.

Total: 130 Credit Hours.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will possess the following learning outcomes:

Describe and explain cell biology, give examples of basic tissues, their properties and structure and compare and contrast the structure and properties of biological substances.

Describe surface anatomical structures of the lower limb, upper limb spine and trunk especially anatomy of upper limb, with detailed knowledge of neuroanatomy.

Describe and relate the structure and function of the upper and lower limbs to clinical pathologies. and understand the function of individual joints and muscles and be proficient in explaining their interaction.

Explain the etiology, pathogenesis, structural and functional manifestations of diseases and abnormalities at birth.

Assess patients and prescribe ideal occupational therapy program.

Reliably assess patients with appropriate functional scoring system.

Apply biomechanical principles to generate optimal solutions to clinical problems occupational hazards.

Evaluate the quality of life of patient and tailor programs to improve it.

Potential Job Opportunities

Occupational therapists work in:


Rehabilitation hospitals.

Psychiatric hospitals

Offices and clinics.

School systems.

Nursing homes. 

Home health agencies.

Tuition Fees (Egyptian Students)

  • Annual tuition fees: 42,000 EGP
  • Annual administrative fees (to be paid before the first semester): 9,340 EGP
  • Admission administrative fees(To  be paid once on the admission’s semester): 5,500 EGP

Tuition Fees (Non-Egyptian Students)

  • Annual tuition fees: $4,500

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