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Field of Art & Design

Outstanding Academics Experience

The field of Art & Design at GU comprises different multidisciplinary programs that are rapidly increasing in demand. 

At GU, we make sure our students have all the knowledge and practical skills to excel in their chosen career paths. We also created a special studying environment that helps them unleash their creativity. 

This field offers 3 programs; Textile & Fashion Design, Graphic Design and Interior Architecture. All the programs are delivered through an innovative teaching method, with the support of the most advanced labs and workshops in the MENA region. 





Study Art & Design at GU

If you are looking for the perfect first step towards an outstanding career in Art & Design, then GU is the best choice for you. Here are some reasons why; 

  • Gain practical skills from day one, through practice-based learning and project-based courses.
  • Bachelor’s degree accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, and the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt.
  • Grants the graduate eligibility to apply to the Egyptian Syndicate for a professional license.
  • State-of-the-art academic facilities.
  • A supportive culture that promotes innovation and excellence.
Strategic Objectives
Core Values


To rank the Faculty of the Arts at Al-Galala University as an advanced educational and research academy locally, regionally and internationally and as a pioneer center that shapes the cultural and artistic life of the region.


To prepare creative and expert artists professionally trained and qualified in accordance with the requirements of the local, regional and international labor market to serve the community and contribute to its advancement through providing academic, professional and research programs in the field of Fine Arts, Interior Design, Visual Communication, Music and Cinema.

Strategic Objectives

  • To generate a creative outstanding platform in the field of arts.

  • To provide educational and research programs in accordance to local and international standards.

  • Provide a motivated environment and educational programs meet local and international standards.

  • Attracting distinguished teaching staff in the fields of arts.

  • Self-development resources of the faculty.

  • To obtain local and international academic accreditation for the Faculty of the Arts and its educational programs.

  • To mechanise and digitalise academic and administrative systems.

  • To enhance the role of the Faculty of the Arts in the activities of community service and its advancement.

  • To foster cooperation and integration with specializations and expert houses to ensure compatibility of educational programs with the labour market.

  • To make partnership with advanced educational institutions to exchange experience.

  • To develop an advanced platform for artistic media in a unique geographic location.

  • To update courses on ongoing basis.

Core Values

  • Leadership: to establish technical, scientific reputation for quality through faculty member’s performance scientifically and in research on local, national and global levels.

  • Dedication: to entrench faith in the idea of developing teaching, learning processes and scientific research.

  • Partnership: to promote fruitful collaboration with similar programs, Egyptian, Arab and International ones through academic exchange agreements.

  • Self-development: to provide an opportunity for students to engage in lifestyle in a way that contributes to personal development and paves the way for them to succeed in dealing with society.

  • Respect for values and diversity: to respect the established values and the Art heritage of their homeland and strive to actively participate in the preservation of it and to treat all individuals on the basis of dignity and justice and to promote the values of respect and understanding each other, respect for tradition, and learn from past experiences.

  • Transparency: to pledge to act with integrity and transparency to achieve justice, boost confidence, credibility and institutional accountability considering global humanitarian standards

Why Study Here?

Galala University is offering its students an unmatched educational Experience, powered by Arizona State University, thorough;

  • The innovative educational model that brings together advanced teaching methods in a state-of-the-art facility.
  • 37  future-based programs in 16 unique fields of study.
  • Dual degree opportunities from ASU #1 university in innovation in the U.S.
  • Futuristic programs that are designed to match current and future market needs.
  • Accredited bachelor’s degrees
  • Dynamic campus experience in a unique location at the heart of Galala city.

Become a global student without crossing borders. Join the first private Egyptian university that offers you world-class education and dual degrees from America’s Top ranking university, at Egyptian fees.