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Field of Administrative Sciences

Sports Business Program (Dual Degree)

Sports Business, BA (Dual Degree)

Required Courses Dual Degree Duration
46 Courses Available 8 Semesters
Language Credit Hours Annual Fees
English 140 Cr. Hrs. 160,000 EGP


Program Overview

Turn enthusiasm and passion for sports into a business career!

The Bachelor of Arts in Business with a concentration in sports business will prepare students for an evolving career in the domain of professional sports and will expose students to business, marketing and sports management principles that apply to a competitive and changing landscape. Students will receive a world-class business education through the lens of professional sports.

Program Type

This program is offered as a 4+0 dual degree between Arizona State University (ASU) and Galala University (GU). Students enrolled in this program will study on campus in Egypt and earn a dual degree from ASU and GU in four years. The option to study in the U.S. is also available. 

Program Details 

As sports evolve to maintain relevance in the increasingly fragmented world of business and entertainment, the sports industry must approach revenue generation and fan engagement from an unexplored lens.

The BA program in business with a concentration in sports business provides courses on business principles and theories that apply to the sports industry. Coursework may include communication in business, mathematics for business analysis, marketing performance, fan behavior, media and more. Students will also explore what it means to be a consumer in the business of sports and what marketers need to know to design, evaluate and implement effective marketing strategies for fans.

A dual degree in Sports Business from ASU and GU helps graduates develop the knowledge and abilities to:

●      Gain expertise on best practices for marketing, analytics, revenue generation and more.

●      Develop theoretical and practical skills that’ll apply directly to the sports industry and almost any business context.

These skills include, but are not limited to:

o   Critical thinking

o   Organization

o   Perseverance

o   Persuasion

o Problem-solving

o   Teamwork

o   Verbal communication

o   Written communication

  • AccoladesThe W. P. Carey School of Business is one of the top business schools in the country. Our AACSB-accredited business school is committed to delivering excellent quality and great value. Our U.S. News & World Report rankings reflect our commitment to academics, groundbreaking research, and positive student outcomes.


Candidates seeking admission to an Arizona State University-Galala University dual degree program must meet the admission requirements of Galala University and then adhere to the ASU progression requirements before gaining access to ASU courses.  

Once enrolled at Galala University, students will be advised on the progression requirements for the Arizona State University dual degree.  Progression requirements include successful completion of the required courses in the plan of study, minimum course grades and cumulative grade point average and documentation of English language proficiency. 


Sports business is a constantly evolving career field. A business degree with a concentration in sports business can prepare students for a wide range of careers in the sports industry:

●      Advertising Sales Representative

●      Fitness and Wellness Coordinator

●      General Manager (GM)

●      Market Research Analyst

●      Marketing Associate

●      Marketing Manager

●      Public Relations Manager (PR Manager)

●      Public Relations Specialist

●      Sales Manager

●      Talent Agent

Tuition Fees

    • Annual Fees: 160,000 EGP
    • Registration Fees (Paid Once): 4,000 EGP
    • Ministry Fees: 3,200 EGP
    • Annual Admin Fees:7000 EGP
    • Total First Year Fees: 176,200 EGP
    • Total Annual Fees: 170,200 EGP
    • Lab Usage fees (non-refundable): 2,000 EGP