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Field of Basic Sciences

Outstanding Academic Experience

Basic Science is the field that can answer fundamental questions about our world, and lead to wide-ranging applications, tremendous benefits, and value. This field is designed for those who hold a passion for science and who want to make real contributions to different fields and industries. 

At GU, we created the perfect environment for our students to spark their curiosity and encourage their passion for knowledge and prepare them for a challenging and rewarding career.  

This field offers 3 programs; Nanoscience & Technology, Petroleum & Mining Geology and Molecular Biotechnology. All the programs are delivered through an innovative teaching method, with the support of 9 of the most advanced labs and workshops in the MENA region. 


Nanoscience & Technology Program

Petroleum & Mining Geology Program

Molecular Biotechnology Program

Study Basic Sciences in GU

If you are looking for the perfect first step towards an outstanding career in scientific research and basic sciences, then GU is the best choice for you. Here are some reasons why; 

  • Bachelor’s degree accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, and the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt.
  • Gain practical skills from day one, through practice-based learning and project-based courses.
  • State-of-the-art labs academic facilities.
  • A supportive culture that promotes innovation and excellence.
Strategic Objectives
Core Values


A distinguished educational and research institution at the local, regional and international levels in the fields of basic and applied sciences. It contributes to the development of the scientific, economic and social structure of the Egyptian society and solves its problems.



Strategic Objectives

The Faculty of Science seeks to prepare qualified graduates in the various fields of basic and applied sciences capable of innovation, creativity and keeping abreast of the development of the requirements of the labor market locally, regionally and globally. It also works to achieve scientific knowledge and activate the role of basic sciences as a basis for building and developing a modern and innovative educational and professional system. It also seeks to build a scientific research base benefiting from partnership with advanced international expertise. It further seeks to activate cooperation with the industrial sector and community institutions in the establishment of academic programs and in the fields of scientific research in order to support economic and social development.


Core Values

  • Basic science is the base of progress and development of all applied sciences.

  • Active learning, academic commitment and critical thinking.

  • Excellence in teaching, research and services.

  • Inclusiveness, integration and justice.

  • Safe environments for learning and research.

  • Personal and academic moral values.

  • Continuous monitoring and improvement.


Why Study Here?

Galala University is offering its students an unmatched educational Experience, powered by Arizona State University, thorough;

  • The innovative educational model that brings together advanced teaching methods in a state-of-the-art facility.
  • 37  future-based programs in 16 unique fields of study.
  • Dual degree opportunities from ASU #1 university in innovation in the U.S.
  • Futuristic programs that are designed to match current and future market needs.
  • Accredited bachelor’s degrees
  • Dynamic campus experience in a unique location at the heart of Galala city.

Become a global student without crossing borders. Join the first private Egyptian university that offers you world-class education and dual degrees from America’s Top ranking university, at Egyptian fees.