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University Life

Galala University’s (GU) unique geographic location in Galala city, 700 meters above sea level, will inspire your talent and imagination and provide you with an enjoyable learning experience.

Innovative Educational Model

GU is equipped with the latest technology to provide its students with an outstanding learning experience, preparing them to be the leaders of tomorrow, capable of facing the outside world with its high competitiveness in the local and international job market.

At Galala University we adopt an innovative educational model that prepares you to deal with unfamiliar challenges and shape your mind and personality to be visionary and resilient.

Student Dorms

GU provides its students will full services accommodation rooms for males and females at very reasonable prices, equipped with free WiFi internet access, a kitchenette, and a private bathroom. 

Campus Life

GU campus features smart facilities working on IoT-based technologies, facilitating communication and movement around the campus. Our campus features more than 50 state-of-the-art labs equipped with the latest technology and tools.


GU maintains an extensive bus service available to all GU communities, including students and staff members.

Our buses travel between the GU Campus and through neighbourhoods all over Cairo and Giza. Buses run on set schedules through the day, five days a week, in addition to limited services on Saturday. To ensure safe and comfortable trips, our comfortable coach buses have reclining seats, window curtains, and well-trained drivers.

Clinic & Medical Care

The GU Clinic offers comprehensive health care services to ensure the well-being of the entire GU community. Provided services include Medical Advice, Treatment, Vaccines, Pharmacy Services, and External care.

The Campus Experience

GU Campus is smart, fully integrated with state of art facilities that allow you and other students with different interests to pick up and develop healthy and fruitful habits.

The campus fosters the best learning environment for you in order to enhance your abilities to get involved, connected, and grow.

Dining On Campus

To complete your memorable on-campus experience, GU provides a wide range of tasty and healthy dining options. All featured restaurants and cafes will offer you high-quality, nutritious meals, at affordable prices.


GU campus fosters a culture of mental and health well-being, that’s why it features various athletic facilities. Throughout your study at GU, you will have access to multi-purpose courts, gyms, swimming pools, and much more.

Arts & Culture

At GU, we make sure to keep you intrigued and inspired. We aim to broaden your mind with a vivid cultural experience and a wide range of events. This will help you find a passion, follow up with an old one, or simply share memorable moments with your colleagues

Information Technology

GU campus is working on IoT-based technologies, facilitating communication and movement around the campus.

Safety and Security

Safety on campus is a joint responsibility of students, employees, and Security. The campus is fully tracked by a surveillance system 24/7.

Health & Wellness

Our Clinic offers comprehensive health care services 24/7 to ensure the well-being of the entire GU community.