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Field of Engineering

Outstanding Academic Experience

Engineering is a continuously developing field of study. Engineering is all about problem-solving, innovation, creation, and designing better lives. 

At GU, we give our students all the knowledge and tools they need to construct a strong foundation for the engineering profession. We allow them to grow in a challenging and nurturing culture that shapes them to be problem solvers and real change-makers.


Electrical Engineering Program (Dual Degree)

Construction Engineering & Specialized Construction Program

Material & Manufacturing Engineering Program

Mechatronics & Industrial Automation Program

Study Engineering at GU

If you are looking for the perfect first step towards an outstanding engineering career, then GU is the best choice for you. Here are some reasons why; 

  • Gain practical skills from day one, through practice-based learning and project-based courses. 
  • Bachelor’s degree accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, and the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt. 
  • Have the opportunity to study abroad in the USA if you’re a dual degree student.
  • Grants the graduate eligibility to apply to the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate for a professional license.
  • State-of-the-art labs and workshops 
  • A supportive culture that promotes innovation and excellence. 
Strategic Objectives
Core Values


The Faculty of Engineering seeks excellence and leadership at the local, regional and global levels in engineering education scientific research and community service.


The Faculty strives to produce excellent engineers, on the professional and the personal levels, who are not only capable of the keeping pace with attending to scientific and technological developments but also ready to take part in community development through conducting scientific research that satisfies community needs and matches the requirements of local and global markets.

To this aim, the Faculty adopts the latest learning strategies and provides the research facilities and administrative flexibility needed for developing educational programs, establishing research centres and consultancies so as to and achieve sustainable institutional development.

Strategic Objectives

  • Training fully qualified engineers’ theoretical and practical levels in the faculty specializations.

  • Conducting research and studies in the fields of specialization in the faculty.

  • Exchanging of expertise and information with bodies and institutions concerned with Egyptian, Arab and international technology and help in dealing with common issues.

  • Providing expertise and advice in the fields of in faculty specializations.

  • Solving and developing technology problems.

  • Contributing to the service and development of the surrounding environment.

  • Providing knowledge in different areas of specialization to allow for technological developments.

  • Logical thinking, the ability to take views and different alternatives, act decisively and confidently, the ability to innovate and innovate, and work together.

  • Demonstrating high verbal and written communication skills and skills in acquiring, organizing and presenting information, especially using information technology.

  • Always search for the best solutions, take initiative, and participate in social and cultural change

  • Motivation for lifelong learning, and continuous cultural development.


Core Values

  • Excellence: The Faculty strives to excel in all aspects of the Faculty, education, research community service and academic program development.

  • Creativity: The Faculty fosters creativity and innovation to achieve academic excellence.

  • Integration: The Faculty engages with community problems and cooperates with other local and regional institutions, as well as international universities, through cooperation and teamwork

  • Personality Development: The Faculty adopts a comprehensive approach to building the personality of students including their attitudes, knowledge and abilities to interact positively with other individuals and respect values of dignity, justice and cultural diversity.

  • Sustainable Learning: The Faculty believes that searching for knowledge and meaning and attempting to develop oneself personally and professionally are lifelong pursuits that do not stop at a certain age.

Why Study Here?

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  • The innovative educational model that brings together advanced teaching methods in a state-of-the-art facility.
  • 37  future-based programs in 16 unique fields of study.
  • Dual degree opportunities from ASU #1 university in innovation in the U.S.
  • Futuristic programs that are designed to match current and future market needs.
  • Accredited bachelor’s degrees
  • Dynamic campus experience in a unique location at the heart of Galala city.

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