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Nursing Program


Required Courses Dual Degree Duration
60 Courses Not Available 8 Semester
Language Credit Hours Annual Fees
English 145 Hours 40,000 EGP

Program Overview

It’s no secret that it takes a whole team of professionals to fulfill the nation’s health care needs, and nurses are the linchpin that keeps the healthcare system running. They always provide the bulk of daily care and serve as liaisons between patients and physicians. Definitely, nurses provide care, support, and educational services to patients and the public. 

The nursing profession is absolutely ideal for individuals eager to help the sick and vulnerable. Nursing is also a rewarding career focused on helping others. Nurses are also trusted and respected professionals. Their day-to-day is focused on helping others, improving others’ health, saving lives, or making them just a little bit better. 

Have you heard that although nursing was often viewed as a profession dominated by younger females, the number of male nurses entering this field is continuously rising?

We strongly suggest this program for individuals who:

  • Are interested in dealing with many aspects of patient care; dealing with patients and their families, helping them through what is often a difficult time for them and caring for the physical and emotional well-being of a variety of patients.
  • Are reliable team players who take the initiative while maintaining ethical standards and values.
  • Have a strong work ethic and are committed to a heavy course load.
  • Can work day, night, and weekend shifts in a physically demanding, fast-paced atmosphere. 

During their study, students will choose one of the following minor tracks :

  • Emergency Nursing
    This track motivates students to apply relevant knowledge and skills related to emergencies. Students will effectively communicate and employ information technology to provide comprehensive nursing care in emergencies. They are responsible of the clinical work of others and can manage the emergency care setting as a whole; managing patient flow and delegating care accordingly. An ER nurse cares for patients in emergency situations, such as trauma, injury, or illness. An ER nurse works in noisy and busy settings, treating patients in often life-threatening conditions. 
  • Addiction Nursing
    Generally, these nurses work in substance abuse rehabilitation centers, hospitals, detox centers, and other locations that serve patients struggling with substance abuse and addiction. These nurses guide and help patients navigate the difficult process of coping with and overcoming addiction. Addiction nurses are registered nurses who have specialized in pain management and behavioral psychology. They support patients undergoing therapy for drug or alcohol rehabilitation, and they teach patients why it’s critical to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle. Throughout treatment, addiction nurses monitor pain levels, medication dosages, and mental and physical symptoms.
  • Midwifery Nursing
    Midwifery nursing academic track is one of the outstanding specializations in the field of nursing. It aims to prepare and qualify female only students to work in the field of midwifery in different settings and health institutions. It graduates qualified nurses who are capable of fulfilling the needs of the community and the labor market for specialized midwifery and obstetric services.
    The graduated midwifery nurses will be;
    – Attending births.
    – Performing gynecological exams.
    – Providing family planning services, prenatal care, and parent education.
    – Giving primary care, especially for reproductive health.
  • Neonatal Nursing
    This track provides knowledge & skills that qualify the students to acquire experiences and enable them to render nursing care for neonates. They will be able to care for infants who are born prematurely or with other health complications. Neonatal nurses may also calm anxious parents, explain conditions and procedures and teach families how to care for their babies upon discharge. Some neonatal nurses offer lactation support to moms in the intensive care nursery. Definitely, working with small and sometimes underdeveloped infants and newborns requires specialized skills, training and equipment.

Degree Requirements

University Requirement: (14+6) = 20 Credit Hours. 

General Field Requirement: (21+0) = 21 Credit Hours.

Specialization Requirements: (89+15) = 104 Credit Hours.

General: (66+6) = 72 Credit Hours.

Supportive: (23+6) = 29 Credit Hours.

Academic Track: (0+3) = 3 Credit Hours.

Total: (124+21) = 145 Credit Hours.

Internship Year: 12 Credit Hours.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

Utilize creative and innovative thinking within a dynamic social and technological landscape, while acknowledging the diverse cultures of individuals, families, and communities.

Integrate knowledge, skills, and professional experience by incorporating research evidence into clinical practice.

Deliver safe nursing care to the entire community, families, and individuals by applying knowledge and concepts of health promotion, disease prevention, and injury prevention.

Utilize leadership and managerial concepts to enhance the quality of nursing care provided to individuals, families, and communities

Offer specialized patient-centered nursing care that addresses the needs and values of patients within the context of their families, communities, and healthcare delivery systems.

Utilize information technology in nursing care, record-keeping, data retrieval, and effective communication with healthcare team members

Adhere to relevant ethical and legal regulations of the nursing profession, while considering cultural differences, when providing nursing care to individuals, families, and communities.

Potential Career Opportunities

Graduates of this remarkable program likely work as:

Emergency Nurses

Midwifery Nurses

Neonatal Nurses

Addiction Nurses

Tuition Fees (Egyptian Students)

  • Annual tuition fees: 40,000 EGP
  • Annual administrative fees (to be paid before the first semester): 9,300 EGP
  • Admission administrative fees(To  be paid once on the admission’s semester): 5,500 EGP

Tuition Fees (Non-Egyptian Students)

  • Annual tuition fees: $4,500