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Field of Computer Science

Graphic Information Technology Program (Dual Degree)

Graphic Information Technology, BS (Dual Degree)

Required Courses Dual Degree Duration
45 Courses Available 8 Semesters
Language Credit Hours Annual Fees
English 127 Cr. Hrs. 200,000 EGP


Program Overview

The graphic information technology program prepares students to become visual design technologists with skills in front-end web design and development, print and digital publishing, commercial photography and video production, and motion graphics and visual effects. 

Program Type

This program is offered as a 4+0 dual degree between Arizona State University (ASU) and Galala University (GU). Students enrolled in this program will study on campus in Egypt and earn a dual degree from ASU and GU in four years. The option to study in the U.S. is also available. 

Students will learn or be able to do upon completion of their program. This program has the following program outcomes:

  • Sketch solutions to graphic communications problems utilizing industry-standard workflows.

  • Apply individual and collaborative skills to engineer solutions to cross-media challenges.

  • Compose written and visual documentation for complex cross-media processes.

  • Synthesize content into digital collateral for cross-media output.


Candidates seeking admission to an Arizona State University-Galala University dual degree program must meet the admission requirements of Galala University and then adhere to the ASU progression requirements before gaining access to ASU courses.  

Once enrolled at Galala University, students will be advised on the progression requirements for the Arizona State University dual degree.  Progression requirements include successful completion of the required courses in the plan of study, minimum course grades and cumulative grade point average and documentation of English language proficiency. 


Graphic information technology prepares graduates for technical and management positions in visual design in such diverse areas as:

Art Direction

Commercial Photography and Video production 

Front-end web design and development

Graphic Design

Corporate Web Developer

Motion Graphics and Visual Effects

Premedia, Digital Printing and Publishing

Production Management

Quality Assurance of Graphic and Visual Design Products

Technical and Digital Media Production

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Visual Design

Tuition Fees

    • Annual Fees: 200,000 EGP
    • Registration Fees (Paid Once): 4,000 EGP
    • Ministry Fees: 3,200 EGP
    • Annual Admin Fees: 7000 EGP
    • Total First Year Fees: 220,000 EGP
    • Total Annual Fees: 211,000 EGP
    • Lab Insurance (Refundable): 5,000 EGP