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Student admission will be opened from 22 August 2020. Please click on the following link to fill the admission form.


Our goal is to create an environment conducive to creativity, discrimination and the development of scientific research and innovation capabilities to a global level in areas of national and international importance.

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Creativity and Excellence

To create an atmosphere conducive to creativity and excellence and to develop the capabilities of scientific research and innovation to a global level in areas of national and international importance.

Labor Market

To provide quality scientific programs that meet the needs of the labor market, in light of national and international reference standards, while promoting excellence in teaching and learning, providing the necessary smart and advanced infrastructure for research and increasing areas of excellence.

Community Service

Enhancing the role of the university in the production and transfer of knowledge and skills to serve the community and achieve the highest levels of academic excellence with the development and modernization of institutional capacity and educational effectiveness and access to the university and its various entities to international academic accreditation and strengthen its order internationally.

Outstanding Students

Attracting distinguished students of different nationalities, preparing them to be distinguished in their fields of specialization, and leaders and producers in their communities.

Applied Research

To form strategic partnerships with the local community and with distinguished international universities, including industrial bodies, and to provide scientific and advisory solutions to the various social problems through conducting applied research to meet the needs of society.

Future Leaders

Develop students' leadership skills and leadership by supporting their personal, social, academic, and professional development to become future leaders in their work and careers.


Medical Care
The University offers the highest level of medical services to students and staff through the educational hospital and outpatient clinics.

Students Exchange
The University supports student exchange activities with major international universities in order to exchange cultures, gain experience and learn about a different educational environment.

Students Union
The University is keen to communicate with the students and meet their aspirations through the Union of students and is keen to evaluate all educational and service activities at the university.


To prepare qualified and trained human cadres to meet the needs of the local, regional and international labor market through the provision of distinguished academic and professional programs, to encourage innovation and creativity and to carry out applied scientific research; to maximize the effective partnership locally and internationally in the production and dissemination of knowledge that meets the needs of society and sustainable development plans; A flexible framework that allows continuous improvement and preservation of societal values and ethics while keeping pace with scientific and technological development.