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Technology of Anesthesia & Intensive Care Program

Technology of Anesthesia & Intensive Care Program

Required Courses Dual Degree  Duration
56 Courses Not Available    8 Semesters
Language Credit Hours Annual Fees
English 130 Hours 42,000 EGP

Program Overview

Excited to begin your career in healthcare? GU’s Anesthesia & Intensive Care Technology program trains students as efficient team members under anesthesia and intensive care doctors, enabling effective communication with medical colleagues and patients while upholding medical ethics. Graduates can serve as a vital link between anesthesia and intensive care doctors and medical equipment engineers, working under the supervision of anesthesiologists and intensivists throughout the anesthesia process.

Degree Requirements

To graduate from this program, you need to study the following credit hours:

University Requirement: 20 Credit Hours.

General Field Requirement: 27 Credit Hours.

Major Requirements: 83 Credit Hours.

Total: 130 Credit Hours.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will possess the following learning outcomes:

Operate advanced anesthesia, nerve block, and life support machines for precise medication control and vital sign monitoring.

Identify and address emergencies swiftly, with CPR and other life-saving skills at the ready.

Analyze medical history to personalize anesthetic plans for optimal surgical outcomes.

Anticipate and address potential issues before they arise, ensuring a smooth and safe surgical experience.

Closely observe vitals with designated equipment, detecting and responding to any abnormalities.

Safely insert and maintain breathing tubes for clear airways throughout surgery.

Ensure safe and effective administration of fluids and blood products to maintain body balance during surgery.

Potential Job Opportunities

Through our program, you can pursue careers in a variety of medical disciplines, including:

Hospital operating rooms

Interventional and diagnostic radiology

Labor and delivery units

Intensive care units

Emergency rooms

Trauma centers

Outpatient procedure suites

Ambulatory surgery centers

Here are some possible career options for graduates:

Travel Anesthesia Tech

Operating room technologist

Critical care technologist

Emergency and trauma care medical technologist

Cardiac catheterization technologist

Auto transfusion technologist

Hemodynamic technologist

Clinical equipment technologist

Clinical research coordinator in anesthesia-related studies

Tuition Fees (Egyptian Students)

  • Annual tuition fees: 42,000 EGP
  • Annual administrative fees (to be paid before the first semester): 9,340 EGP
  • Admission administrative fees(To  be paid once on the admission’s semester): 5,500 EGP

Tuition Fees (Non-Egyptian Students)

  • Annual tuition fees: $4,500

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