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Field of Art & Design

Graphic Design Program

Graphic Design Program

Required Courses Dual Degree Duration
62 Courses Not Available  8 Semesters
Language Credit Hours Annual Fees
English 144 Hours 49,000 EGP

Program Overview

Graphic Design Program at GU aims to help in the formation of a graduate specialized in graphic design materials. Specific design programs, books, and magazines design software, advanced digital arts associated with graphic design, general history of Art, and specific history of Art are all among the study topics of the program.

Degree Requirements

To graduate this program, you need to study the following credit hours:

University Requirements: 20 Credit Hours.

General Field Requirements: (6-11) Credit Hours.

General Specialty Requirements: (109-125) Credit Hours.

Total: (140-144) = 142 Credit Hours.

Learning Outcomes

The graduates of this program will master the use of the following:

Graphic design.

Various specific graphic design computer programs and software.

Specific Design Programs.

Books and magazines design Software.

Advanced digital arts associated with graphic design.

General History of Art.

Specific History of Art.

Potential Career Opportunities

Because their skills are applicable to many fields and industries, graphic designers enjoy a variety of professional opportunities. Some examples of graphic design careers include:

Art Director.

Advertising Designer.

Branding Designer.

Creative Director.

Desktop Publisher.

Direct Mail Designer.

Digital Media Specialist.

Digital Project Manager.


Graphic Designer.

Industrial/Product Designer.

Layout Artist.

Logo Designer.

Motion Graphics Designer.

Multimedia Artist/Animator.

Multimedia Specialist.

Packaging Designer.

Photo Software Editor.

Print design Specialist.

Production Art Manager.

Publication Designer.

Social Media Graphics Specialists.

User Experience Designers.

Video Editor.

Web Designer.

Tuition Fees

  • Annual Fees: 49,000 EGP
  • Registration Fees (Paid Once): 3,500 EGP
  • Ministry Fees: 980 EGP
  • Annual Admin Fees: 7000 EGP
  • Total First Year Fees: 63,480 EGP
  • Total Annual Fees: 56,980 EGP
  • Lab Usage fees (non-Refundable): 3,000 EGP

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