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Field of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Clinical Pharmacy Program

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Clinical Pharmacy Program

Required Courses Dual Degree Duration
79 Courses Not Available 12 Semesters
Language  Credit Hours Annual Fees
English 221 Cr. Hrs. 100,000 EGP

Program Overview

Are you ready to join one of the most rewarding and remarkable careers in the healthcare industry?

There’s no doubt that Pharmacy is a valued profession that has been around since nearly 2100 B.C.  While the field has clearly evolved since ancient Greek and Roman pharmacists created herbal remedies, pharmacy has remained an essential role in the health and well-being of the general public. If you’re interested in helping patients feel better, understand their medications, and obtain their physician-prescribed treatment, then the pharmacy is definitely for you.

Doctor of Pharmacy Program at GU integrates the latest technologies throughout professional coursework. Learners enjoy state-of-the-art facilities, laboratories, “smart” classrooms and centres for research. All those combined can create an environment based on community and teamwork fostering an atmosphere of active collaboration and professional development.

A Doctor of Pharmacy may work with physicians to order and distribute prescription medications. Doctor of Pharmacy will be well-versed in different aspects of health topics and medicine. The medical field is governed by rules and regulations, and becoming a practising pharmacist requires hours of schooling, training, and passing licensure exams. This profession also offers a chance to work directly with patients, playing a crucial role in treatment education and answering any questions patients may have about dosage, side effects, and effectiveness. Ultimately, Pharmacy may be a highly rewarding career for someone who is passionate about positively impacting lives.

  • The integrated curriculum at GU fosters strong ethical values, intellectual curiosity, personal integrity, and a sense of responsibility to the health and well being of society. The Doctor of Pharmacy program is committed to and promotes the emergence of competent, reliable and compassionate pharmacists who will advance various pharmacy practice models, engage in community service, and foster the advancement of research, drug development and innovation as well as community service.

Degree Requirements

Total Credit Hours =  219 Credit Hours.

University requirements:

20 credit hours (14 compulsories + 6 electives).

Field requirements: 157 Credit Hours.

Experiential practice of 40 Credit Hours equivalent to 1280 hours (Contact Hours).

Graduation Project: 2 Credit Hours.

Honor Degree (Doctor of Pharmacy degree):

The student is awarded an honor degree if his final cumulative GPA is not less than 3.00 provided that his GPA has never been less than 3.00 in any semester of study. Moreover, he should have not failed in any course during his study.

Learning Outcomes

To achieve the mission of our PharmD program, students must develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable them to competently perform these functions. The following outcomes reflect the terminal skills that all GU PharmD graduates should be able to demonstrate upon program completion:

Read the prescriptions described to the patient and explain the information related to them (pharmaceutical doses, pharmacological reactions, side effects), and have the ability to detect errors in the prescriptions.

Interact with the patient, diagnose some diseases and find the appropriate treatment according to the Pharmacopeia and WHO, as prescribed by the ethics committee of the medical professions.

Conduct experiments, perform necessary pharmaceutical calculations and prepare drug formulations.

Use books, references and electronic resources in addition to using technology to conduct research and draw conclusions.

Potential Career Opportunities

The Doctor of Pharmacy at GU is a professional program that prepares bright students for careers as pharmacists.

The curriculum focuses on preparing graduates to provide excellent patient care.

The program includes an interprofessional component that teaches future pharmacists to be fulfilling health care providers working in the community, hospital or primary care practice. Additional opportunities may include working for regulatory authorities, health research, government, the pharmaceutical industry and education.


Tuition Fees (Egyptian Students)

  • Annual tuition fees: 100,000 EGP
  • Annual administrative fees (to be paid before the first semester): 10,500 EGP
  • Admission administrative fees(To  be paid once on the admission’s semester): 10,500 EGP

Tuition Fees (Non-Egyptian Students)

  • Annual tuition fees: $6,250